Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What could you possibly have that's worth saying... early in the morning.

Adam and I carpool a lot. In our journeys I keep noticing that an awful lot of people are cell-phoning it up pre-8am. Why is this? Now, I am not one to talk on my phone ever...let alone while driving...let alone early in the morning...but I get the occasional need, e.i. "Hey, hun, I forgot my lunch, could you drop it off on your way." or "Hi mom, since you live in New York, I thought I'd call now to wish you a lovely morning." or "911, I just witnessed a's 7:15am...may want to look into it." For the most part, who could you possibly be talking to (and why) this early in the morning. Furthermore, the majority of the culprits are serial am talkers...this is going on every dang morning. I don't get it and I judge them for it, I really do. It's ridic.

Next up, if you want a Christmas card email me...hopefully I find time to actually send some out (since I suck and am still working on thank you cards for our wedding...sorry guys...they're coming though).

I shall try and post more often and hopefully on more interesting subject matter...I'm busy (no excuse...everyone is busy in one way or another) and don't have a computer or internet in my home...I'll try to remedy both. Peace folks!