Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wedded Bliss!

I have pictures from the wedding from friends and family but that will just have to wait...if you're dying to see some check my sister's blog.

The wedding was really great. It was so busy but I loved it. It rained on and off throughout the course of the day which I thought was perfect...another bride crying outside of the temple disagreed. Her poor husband probably thought she'd be happy enough just to be marrying him...nope...the rained ruined HER day...dumb schmutz. A nice man in the temple stepped on my dress and ripped the back (Adam stepped on it while we were dancing and ripped part of the front...I thought my mom aka master seamstress was going to die). I messed up during the ceremony...and again during the ring ceremony...I guess it's good I put my own little touch on things though. Everything was so so great...even though I only got to talk to people I rarely see (but whom I care about) for a few minutes.

The honeymoon was amazing. Prince Edward Island is the most beautiful place ever! There is a lot of forest, farming, and beach (rocky, cliffs, or sandy). It was a little foggy and rained a little the first two days there but it was sunny and mid 70's most of the time. We canoed, hiked, ate tons of seafood, played/swim at the beaches, went on lighthouse and distillery tours, visited a "haunted" mansion that we left early because I'm a chicken, and much much more. It was so fun!

Married life so far is wonderful. Adam is the nicest guy around and keeps doing chores and making dinner and such to prove the bad husband stigma wrong. It is so fun to talk and laugh and not have to leave each other everynight. Things aren't without there problems though...while the relationship is complete perfection...shish has been hitting the fan along the homefront.

For a while our sprinklers weren't working and our lawn was dying. They came on last night for the first time...the city finally turned on our neighborhood's exterior water. Luckily, I got our jungle lawn mowed just a couple hours before the sprinklers came on. Our yard is small but we've never mowed the lawn (because we figured the HOA would...wrong). So after it got to be about a foot long and was sprouting...I caved and borrowed my parents lawnmower. It took several passes but I finally conquered the backyard.

Our AC isn't working so our home's temperature is around 85 most the time...which sucks. I've only cooked a few times because using the stove or oven just makes things that much hotter. We sleep on the floor in the living room (the coolest room in the house) and will continue to do so until we get the AC fixed...hopefully this week.

Adam's parents went in on a washer and dryer for our wedding gift. They were delivered last week but don't fit in our darn laundry closet...they will fit but the door frame narrows the opening too much...so we'll need to the the dryer in sideways over the washer and behind the frame...make sense? Who cares. Hopefully this will work and we can avoid cutting into our wall.

We have 2.5 bathrooms. The only toilet with a kit in the tank is on the main floor in the half bath. The two upstairs aren't functional yet. It's an easy fix (hopefully) for someone who knows how to do it.

Everything else is pure joy and sunshine though. Life is good and I'm loving having such a rad husband around.

We haven't set up the internet or tv yet...comcast isn't in EM so we're choosing between dish and direct tv...suggestions? Anyhow...blogging might be limited as our internet is lacking.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bridal Pictures

I'm finally posting some bridal pictures. I need to pic a couple to print for our reception. Let me know what you think (even though you are likely annoyed with the new opinion forum rather than life updates and witty mockery)...which are your favs?...any reasons...Thanks!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Enchanted Bling SUCKS

Never, never, never use this site for ANYTHING EVER! They sell headbands, tiaras, and clips. I ordered a headband from them for the wedding about 2 months ago. It never came. I left a bazillion comments on their dumb website and called and left messages. We finally got a hold of the sucky owner. We told her we'd already done bridal pictures and that if the headband doesn't get here to cancel. She said she'd overnight it. She didn't. The stupid suck never let us know she never intended to send the headband but today...with 5 days until the wedding...she refunded the money to the paypal account. She never even told us. I hate them. Spread the word that they blow. Vent over.

Friday, June 12, 2009

What's in a Name?

Adam and I are getting married next week. I'm so excited. I just hope I get better by then (I've been sick). When we get back from our honeymoon I plan to change my name. I'd change it sooner but I don't want to get a new passport yet. I was thinking about what I would do...keep the maiden name...ditch it...etc.. I'm undecided. What did you guys do? And why? I have a poll too...it's over there -> . Frankly, I may ignore any suggestions altogether but that doesn't mean I'm not interested.

If you haven't received an invitation and want to let me know (Meg, Adam should have given yours to Brian).

We're all totally stressed. Also excited. Just found out the Alaskans are coming which is rad.

Once we move it may be a while before we have internet so my posting might be rare for the first little while.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fast Approaching!

Our wedding date is getting so close! I can barely even believe it. We're only two and a half weeks away from wedded bliss (hopefully it'll be bliss). Things are going really well but I'm busier than I can stand. There is still so much left to do which is annoying...why am I such a procrastinator?

I'm still hating school...so surprises there. To MG...I'm in ochem because my major said I had to be...I'm not just masochistic. I sure do hate it though.

I just endured my first Chuck-E-Cheese experience ever. What a disgusting place! We went for Katie's birthday and took Lyv. It was fun to see how thrilled the little kids were...but it's gross. No pictures still...can't find the dumb cable still.

Hopefully my updates will be more interesting in a few weeks...but for now this is all you get. We're jazzed. We're busy. We can hardly wait.