Monday, June 15, 2009

Enchanted Bling SUCKS

Never, never, never use this site for ANYTHING EVER! They sell headbands, tiaras, and clips. I ordered a headband from them for the wedding about 2 months ago. It never came. I left a bazillion comments on their dumb website and called and left messages. We finally got a hold of the sucky owner. We told her we'd already done bridal pictures and that if the headband doesn't get here to cancel. She said she'd overnight it. She didn't. The stupid suck never let us know she never intended to send the headband but today...with 5 days until the wedding...she refunded the money to the paypal account. She never even told us. I hate them. Spread the word that they blow. Vent over.


*Liese said...

At least they finally refunded the money. That's absolutely ridiculous.

*Liese said...

Also--I left them a special e-mail. :)

Holly said...

why dont you tell us how you REALLY feel..