Friday, August 17, 2012

11 Months!

Avynlee is 11 months old!

Our sweet baby seems to be growing up so fast!  Here are some tidbits about this stage of her life:
  • This little lady loves going on bike rides (obviously). 
  • She loves splashing and swimming.
  • She loves getting into and emptying cupboards/drawers/purses.
  • Avs likes being outside, she loves to sit in dirt/grass and play with rocks, plants, sticks, etc.
  • She has 9 teeth, her first 2 year old molar cut over the 24th of July weekend while we were at the cabin.
  • Avs took her first step on August 9th and has maxed out at three independent steps before falling/giving up. She can stand up from a crawling position without pulling herself up on anything but rarely does.  
  • Pypy is still a champ sleeper and is even getting a little better at sleeping in pack and plays when we're not home. 
  • Avs still loves music and playing the piano.  She bounces her little body to the beat of whatever is playing.  She likes to "sing" along a lot. 
  • She waves and claps.  She often claps for herself when she's proud of a particular achievement.  She claps when she hears the opening theme song of her favorite show, Backyardigans.  And she claps when she things someone else is doing something really cool.  At the cabin, she clapped for Adam while he was fly fishing and she clapped for Eric while he was cutting wood.  She's very supportive.
  • Her newest word is glasses which she pronounces without the "g".  She loves playing with "lasses" and has already broken both ear pieces of one pair of my sunglasses.
  • Pyah is still a really good eater and will still eat baby food but definitely prefers taking bites of whatever we're eating...even cut up pieces of what we are having is not as good as a bite off of the real deal.  She seems to be an especially big fan of grapes, chicken, and corn on the cob (we actually just give her the whole cob and she crushes it). 
  • Avynlee has been boating and tubing.  She loved it! 
  • The other day, she was playing with our friends' yorkie and was far more brave than I anticipated.  She crawled right up to the dog and stole it's dog toys right out of its mouth.  She even held strong in that growly tug of war thing dogs do. 
  • For the most part, Py is really happy and friendly.  She'll go to almost anyone and is so giggly and happy.  Unfortunately, she is scared of two of her biggest fans (my uncle Eric, and her uncle Tay).  Hopefully she grows out of this soon because she's missing out on a lot of fun with those two. 
  • Avynlee loves to go shopping, especially at the fabric store.  She holds her hand out and touches the bolts of fabric and Adam runs her up and down the aisles.  It's sensory heaven.  She likes sitting in the shopping cart but always turns herself around and sits crosslegged facing forward rather than backward with her legs through the holes like she's supposed to.

This little nugget is our whole world and we absolutely love watching her grow up.  We can hardly believe she'll be one in a month!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Fun

Finally a picture post!  We went to my grandparents' cabin, Jacob came home (so so excited about this!), and I made a magnificent wedding cake.  Take a looksie!