Friday, May 28, 2010

Havasupai Falls

Preface: The color of the water is not at all done justice and any of these pictures. It was a really cool greenish-blue and you could see straight to the bottom. I have about 50 pics...these are the favs.

Last weekend we went on a really really great trip to Havasupai Falls. By "we" I mean Adam and I went with my cousins , Brent and Kelli, and my aunt, Terry. Terry has some really cool pictures that I will one day obtain and post. Here are some of my pictures and some snagged from Kelli.

On Wednesday night we began the long drive. We stayed the night in Henderson (Sunset Station is a nice hotel for quite cheap...stay there sometime if you'd like).

On Thursday morning, we drove the rest of the way and then began the hardest hike ever. Maybe I'm being a baby but I thought it was tough. (Dear Kelli, I know I spelled your name wrong in the below picture but I didn't want to go back and change...but I really do know how to spell your name).

We backpacked 8 miles (seemed like way longer) to the town and then about 3 more to our chosen campsite.

The next morning, we hiked back up to the new waterfalls formed as a result of a mega flood (which wrecked some falls also).
New Navajo Falls were super rad. Brent just walked right up and jumped off (without checking depth) he's an adrenaline junky, I think. You could climb behind this waterfall and jump through. It was way cool.

The next day we hiked the other direction to Mooney Falls. It was really close to our campsite but the climb in took plenty of time. You walk down a path to a hole in the ground with a sign that read "descend at your own risk" which we did. Then you pop out to a landing (there is merely a chain between you an a huge drop off) and proceed to another pit which are then to climb down. When you pop out of that little cave, you then begin climbing down the face of the grand canyon (which is slippery from the mist of the waterfall) with only chains to aid your descent. It was so fun until you try to pass someone going in the opposite direction, then it's mostly scary.

Kelli and I hung out at Mooney and met some interesting characters while the others hiked to Beaver Falls (I was injured and Kelli felt bad leaving me behind). Apparently those water falls were really cool too. Adam took pictures. I'll consider uploading them but I doubt I'll post them.

There was also a really cool mine in the wall of the grand canyon which Brent climbed (right passed the "no climbing sign") to. I might post pics of that one day too.

All in all it was a really amazing trip. I'd recommend it to anyone who feels like walking themselves to death to see some crazy amazing waterfalls in the middle of the desert. So so cool. I'm definitely going again...but with some different footwear.

Stay 3'll need that long to see the waterfalls and recover from the hike.
Take a good backpack (mine was the only one that didn't dig into me and hurt me).
Wear hiking boots (I wore running shoes...worst idea ever).
Take water shoes (this does not mean flip-flops...I'm as bummed as you are).
Drink more water than you think you want (I was so dehydrated that my fingers swelled up to prolly about 3 times their size and I couldn't bend them...cute).

Addendum: I just got this picture from my aunt and I loved it so I'm including it...this is Brent, .Adam, Me, and Kelli swimming at Havasu Falls

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Denial...

Think "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. Not because I can relate much to that song...mostly because I'm a little in denial and that song says it a lot...repeats there's no ignoring it.

You see, I've got a "degree" now. That's what they say, at least. I suppose I currently only have an empty degree holder. But the University of Utah claims they have plans to mail me a piece of paper meant to better my future. Here's the catch though, nothing has changed. It doesn't seem as though I have finally earned a degree. I have the same job and the same measly income. And it doesn't seem there are any alternatives to said job. I plan to go to grad school but that's not for at least another year. And thus, I shall float...just float...for one whole year. Just seems a little anticlimactic, that's all. (If you think this paragraph is depressing, you should have heard the "speaker" at the grad...she was a buzz kill if ever there was one)

Nonetheless, I don't have to study much or take any tests for one whole year, and I am pleased as punch about that. Below are some pics of the sainted day. I wore purple, suede heels with a very loud ruffle on the toe. You, know, because that's all that you see...your shoes (accept in every single picture). I also did my hair curly...don't know why...should have listened to a very wise Rory...straight is best when wearing a silly cardboard and polyester cap. My tassle was green...dark green. The color of tassle for my college (and thus, the color worn by every other graduate) is sage. Maybe the screwed up color makes this super secret "degree" of mine null and void and that is where this sense of denial is coming from. Or maybe they knew I was super special so they gave me green so I could get attention from people I don't know (ie "hey, why is your tassle dark green?" yup! attention).

You'll note some fairly proud family members in the above photos. AK is thrilled that I'm done (remember that one time when he wrote a really sweet post on this very blog about being proud of his gal?). Mostly because now I can come home at a reasonable hour and not give all my dollars away to the U. But also because I worked hard in a difficult major (especially for me because I despise science) and got a pretty good gpa and now I can one day go to grad school and eventually make the WHOLE world a better place (mostly just the 3rd world countries though). Also, he just loves me.

My ma and old man are pretty proud too. Maybe I'll stop eating lunch between classes there now (although I wouldn't bet on it). Natalie looks to be quite please to have just sat through a fairly short convocation, I must say (btw, I left early...making it even shorter...haha!). Chicken mostly didn't want to go because he just had knee surgery and I think he watched a movie on his ipod the whole time (which makes me a little more proud of him...the movie part...the surgery part mostly makes me a little sad because he might not come backpacking with me next week). He is the greatest brother a gal could ask for.

Lastly, the greatest old kids on the block. I'm only the second grand-kid to graduate college (I think)...but Lad and Sheila are hot on my tracks. They bought me a delightful celebratory feast. I love these two. I have big plans on being just like them. Adam's gonna be skinny and frail looking but actually really tough and funny and brilliant and the best guy anyone's ever met. I'm gonna be a little nuts but so funny and loving and a bit blunt and wonderful that the old gma. She's the greatest thing since flip-flops...and I mean it.

Welp, time for the big college grad to go drag her husband (asleep on the couch) to bed to get ready for her big day the same old job she's done for four years.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bicycle! BICYCLE!

I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my BIKE!

Sir Kay got me this little beauty for the big two-four (and for my grad) and I love it! I've been wanting a bike. I wasn't at all subtle. I straight up begged. And it worked. The champ delivered. We went on a 9 mile ride through EM Friday afternoon. It was glorious! Our ride hurt by bum so I bought some (very flattering) padded shorts that very day. It also hurt my knees but that can only be a good thing, right?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

So Proud

See how proud I am of my graduating wife?
I love her so much and appreciate her hard workin' brains.

Monday, May 3, 2010

BIG week

I have pretty big week ahead of me. It'll go a little like this:

The big week started last Saturday really. Adam watched a huge boxing match with his family. I hung out with some of my besties. Not a bad night, really.

Monday (today)
I have my last final exam tonight. Have I studied? No. It's still noteworthy though.

I'll be spending the morning of my 24th birthday presenting my final project. You may be thinking, "final on your birthday, bleh!" ...and you'd be right. But it is kind of a nice little birthday gift to never have to take a final again (trying to see the glass half full). I imagine AK will buy be dinner and give me presents which will be lovely.

Glory day. I'm done! I shall relish. I work this day and have to pick up my cap and gown as well as sell back some books (and maybe each lunch with Brit...?). It'll be a great day. Then AK's mom and step dad are taking me out for my birthday (are you beginning to see a trend?).

The big G day. Thursday is my convocation. I get to sit in a crowded auditorium bored out of my mind (and force my loved ones to watch...while bored out of their minds). Then I will be handed a fake diploma and pictures will be taken in my silly getup. Then I imagine there will be some more free dinner involved.

Friday is the commencement. Not so sure I'm going. It depends entirely on if my mom makes me go or not. Regardless, it'll be sweet because me and AK are gonna spend the day together celebrating. I'm hoping this day involves a gyro...we'll see.

AK's dad is moving and we're helping (and will thus, likely, get more free food for being so nice).

Mother's day...I got my mom a great gift. She's a great lady. Hardest worker out there. I think we'll either eat with my mom or Adam's (also a great lady). Either way...more free din.

So, we'll be really happy...possible really fat...and likely with some spare dollars in our pockets. Stoked!