Friday, October 1, 2010

Nobody puts Baby in the corner

I'm a little behind on the I'll start with our Labor Day trip to Amethyst. We backpacked and stayed one night. In future I think we'll stay two or more. It's really long hike and a really beautiful really need more time (that's a lot of really's in one sentence).
Next up, Adam's birthday. I know I pretty much already blogged about it. It was stellar. I just didn't post the two measly pictures I got of all the festivities.And our lovely new curtains. I finally finished them and I am totally pleased with how they turned out. I also made two of the pillows one the couch (the green pleated one and the tan neck roll). I'll eventually make two more. We'll see how long that takes. My house is looking really cute and fall-ey and thanks to our fall decorations and our curtains it's finally slightly less beige. I'm totally pleased with it. Now all we need is our new tv (which we have been saving best buy gift cards for...we have about 10 now)...and maybe an accent wall...we'll see. The tv console even has a fireplace in cozy!The above picture is a before picture because we recently (today) moved stuff a tiny bit to make way for Jacob's new piano. The little brother was gifted this beauty (slight exaggeration) from a family on his not from Elton John. He was stoked so he sent it home and I shall babysit it until he comes to claim it. I really didn't want to ditch a section of the biggest couch in the history of couches (which I was pretty sure we would have to do). I was pleased as punch when I saw that it was on the smaller side for a baby grand and that I could just squeeze it into the corner (thus the a corner?...c'mon, that's funny!). Adam thinks it's an eye sore. He might be right. Even the movers mentioned that it doesn't really "go" with the room. It doesn't. But I'm totally thrilled for my brother and I'm happy to have a piano to play for the next little while (once it's tuned of course).