Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Balance and Fun

It's hard to work, go to school, study, be a mom and wife, cook/clean, exercise, sleep, etc. Does anybody have any tips, because I've been treading but I'm running out of juice. I'm keeping up on all my "duties" but only just. I do everything half A***d. Which I can't stand. So give me some tips. Thanks.

On a happy note, we spent Presidents' Day weekend in St. George. It was warm and sunny. Adam ran to Tuachahn (sp?) and back. We enjoyed some lovely outdoor and indoor time. We spent time with my sister and brother in law whom we don't see much. It was a delight. And Avynlee was incredibly good. She fussed for about 5 minutes on the drive down and not at all on the drive back. She deserves a prize.

Yesterday, my good friend Holly was in town. She lives in WV and I only get to see her about twice a year. Carlye, Holly, and I rallied the babies and took some funny pictures. When Carlye posts them, I may steal them and put them on here. It was so fun to spend time with my friends and see our babies interact. Madee (Carlye's) is 6 weeks older than Avynlee and Chloe (Holly's) is 4 hours older. I'm glad to have such good friends and that they have little girls Avynlee's age. These three have no choice but to be best friends...if only they lived closer to each other.

Sorry about the lack of pictures. Soon I'll post some of Av's 3 month pictures (taken by Carlye). They are adorable.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4 Months

(photo taken by Carlye at 3 months)

Our pretty girl turned four months a couple weeks ago...which came with shots and measurements. She is still super tall. She was 26.77 inches tall (99%) and weighed in at 14.99 pounds (79%).

She is a champ roller. She learned to roll from front to back at around two and a half months. A couple weeks later she learned back to front. Now she quickly rolls onto her tummy almost every time she is put down. She kind of does a caterpillar thing that usually scoots her more backward than forward.

We started on rice cereal at 4 months. She has also tried apples, and squash. She loves eating solids and is pretty good and keeping them off of her face and tummy.

She used to be a champ sleeper but has been waking up to eat at least once every night for the past month.

She loves to giggle and blow raspberries. She loves music and being sung too. She is generally a really happy baby. She might be a little spoiled and doesn't seem to be a huge fan of strangers. We'll work on that.

Little Avynlee has been so much fun. We love having her in our little family. The few days a month I get to be home with her are by far my favorite. She makes me so so happy. I love being her mom.