Monday, July 16, 2012

10 Months

Little Avynlee is 10 months old.  She is getting so big!  Our sweet girl is so spunky and fun and is the highlight of our lives.

Here are some tidbits about our tenth month old girl:
  • Avs has 8 teeth.
  • She crawls really fast, especially if the fridge or a cabinet is open.
  • She loves opening drawers/cabinets and emptying the contents.
  • Avynlee is a climber.  She's been able to race up the stairs for months and can climb in and our of her walker.  She can climb onto couches and chairs.  We recently discovered that she can climb from our basket of sheet music, onto the piano bench, and up onto the piano (we of course supervised it).  She's done this at my house and at my sister's house.
  • Avs is really strong.  When she has something she shouldn't it takes real effort to pry it from her grip.
  • She is obsessed with the bathroom.  She like to climb the toilet, flush the toilet, open the lid (way gross), unroll the toilet paper, and play with the noisey door stop.  Not surprisingly, our bathroom doors are pretty much always closed.
  • Avynlee likes to chase and be chased.  We play "get you" games a lot.
  • Avs still really loves water.  She crawled through the sprinklers with the neighbor baby the other day.
  • Py is a champ sleeper and sleeps like clockwork as long as we're home.  Getting her to sleep or nap anywhere else is a chore though.
  • Avs has started whining when she doesn't get her way and when we take things (cell phones, glasses, etc.) from her.
  • Py sometimes waves "hi" and "bye" and will sometimes gives hugs and kisses.  She will rarely do these things on command though.
  • Avee is getting really good at standing and balancing.  She still hasn't taken any steps independently.
  • Avs loves music and singing.  She likes to sing, dance, and clap along.
  • She likes rough housing and tickling.
  • She has started saying "tickle tickle" while trying to tickle Adam and I.
  • She mimics a lot but words she seems to really say are: Momma, Dadda, Papa, Stairs, Bottle, Up, Kiss, Yay, Baby, Shapes, Tickle, Yes, Get it, Did it, and Like it.  Some are more clear than others.
  • Avynlee thinks other kids are so hilarious and loves playing with friends.

 This girl LOVED the zoo.
 Cute piggy tails.
 She loves her singing storybook.
Playing peekaboo with her foam star and giggling.

We love you so much baby girl!