Monday, June 2, 2014


April was huge and will have to wait but here are some May pictures.

My birthday was awesome! I found this awesome dining room set I loved and Adam said he would get it for me for my birthday and Mother's Day.  I was so excited!  When it showed up it was just the table so I inquired after the matching stool and chairs and was told the description was printed incorrectly and the seating was not included. I was offered a discount but declined and asked when they would like to pick up the table.  The company told me they were sorry for the mistake, granted me a full refund, then told me the table is now out of stock and they have no use for it and I am welcome to keep or dispose of it however I like.  I'm still pretty bummed we don't have matching chairs but maybe I'll find something I love someday.  In the meantime, I have a beautiful new table that I got a really fantastic deal on!

I have spent so much time outside lately. My mom and I have logged about 60 hours working on my yard.  We put in my sprinkler system almost entirely by ourselves.  Adam, my dad, Natalie, and Jacob have all helped when they were able to as well.  It is such hard work and I am so glad we have had help and were able to do it ourselves.

Last Friday, around 9:30, I put sunscreen on Av and myself and went for a walk/jog with a freind.   We went straight to a neighborhood kid party around noon.  It was so nice for Av to get to play with tons of kids and get wet and filthy while I talked to a bunch of the ladies in our neighborhood (I am loving the new neighborhood and we have already made so any friends).  We got home around 3 and both ended up burnt. Avynlee's sunburn is not bad at all, thank goodness. I got fried.  Friday night and Saturday was spent putting up a fence with our neighbors.  It looks so good and it was fun getting to know them better!  Adam baptized our niece Katie Saturday evening and then we hung out with our neighbors a little more to celebrate the fence completion.

I am really loving the new neighborhood and all the awesome people we keep meeting.  I am thrilled with the progress we are making in our yard and I am so excited for sod.  Hopefully that happens before June is over.