Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Ramblings

Thanksgiving was swell...we went to my Grandparents' cabin in Christmas Meadows (very over the river and through the woods) on Wednesday night...played a ton of games and stayed up late...

On Thanksgiving morning, we did some prep work and then went Christmas Tree hunting...

The cool kids...minus my mom who took the pic (I forgot my camera...shocker)...AK and I are thoroughly bundled in coats and snow pants...not was SO warm!
We found this lovely tree and chopped it down.

We held it and acted happy!

Here's the fam and their trees...ours was way too tall.

I loved all the homemade goodness and the family time and seeing the long lost cousin. Then we went to Adam's fam's for some pie and family time...which was also delightful.

Black Friday started early for us and we spend a ton but saved at least as much. Killer deals this year...and now we are nearly done with the Christmas shopping (and wrapping). When we got home, I spent about 4 hours lighting half our tree...then the lights shorted out and now we have to buy new ones and I have to start all I ticked? Why yes I am...I still haven't found the motivation to start all over.

Saturday was spend at Adam's Grandpa John's (we took Lyv) was pretty ok...but I started to get a little sick.

We watched Lyv again Sunday which I usually love but I was getting sick... I have no idea how sick moms muster of the energy to not totally neglect their kids...2 days was more than enough (really, I love her and would watch her everyday if I could...but I'm glad I don't...I'd get tired).

Then I missed a lot of school and work (sick) and now have tons to do...but I got some pics posted which shoudln't have been a priority but somehow was.

And now...I am Thankful for the raddest family ever (lucky to have best friends I'm related to so they are stuck with me forev) and the best husband in the whole world who is nice to me even when I am sick and obnoxious. What a champ.