Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa! Ho, ho, ho!

We took Avynlee to see Santa this year.  At first, we couldn't decide if we were going to bother, but it turns out, she loves Santa and all this Christmas.  She can even say "Santa" "ho, ho, ho" and "Baby Jesus" (which sounds more like "beebee cheeses".  Avynlee was so happy while we waited in line.  She kept squealing "Santa!" and trying to cut in line.  Once it was our turn, I set her down and said, "Look, it's Santa!"  She didn't buy it.  I guess he wasn't the real Santa.  :)  She tried to be brave but she clearly wasn't that interested in sitting on his lap...and he pretty much told me not to let her (weird Santa).  Hopefully next year we find a Santa more to her liking.

In other news, we took Avynlee in for her 15 month check up and some shots.  She was a little champ for her shots and only cried for a second.  Her stats are:

Weight:  24.14 pounds (79%)
Height:  33.07 inches (99%)
Head Circumference:  18.1 inches (53%) - this one is only .1 inches more than 3 months ago, so it may be inaccurate.

I guess her brief stint being in the 92nd percentile in height was a fluke.  Our not so little nugget is off the charts again.  The doctor said she looks and acts like a 2 year old.  Our super tall baby wears anything between 9 month and 18 month clothes.  It mainly depends on the length. Her hair is getting so long and she'll actually sit still long enough for me to do it most of the time.

She is super verbal and can also tell us what a cow, snake, kitty, dog, bird, bee, sheep, monkey, owl, car, and Santa says.

She recently got a new baby to play with.  It came with a toy bottle and she is the cutest little momma to that doll.  She cuddles it and feeds it and tries really hard to be soft with it.  It's very sweet.

We are loving this stage during this time of year.  Gifts and lights and trees are so exciting to her.  She loves our Christmas decorations and can crawl under the tree and flip the switch turning the lights on and off (super safe, right).  As expected, the ornaments on the lower third of our tree haven't lasted long.  It's very top heavy now.  Avynlee loves all our decorations and our village and says "Wow!" often.  It is so fun watching her enjoy and discover everything.  She also has developed a love for the Barney: Night Before Christmas on Netflix.  There is one particular part she finds to be especially funny and she laughs every time.  It's really cute.

We love this little girl and are so excited to continue showing her all the magic Christmas has to offer!