Monday, August 12, 2013

Under Contract

We are rocking a waiting game called being "under contract".  Our house wasn't even on the market two weeks when we got two awesome offers to choose between.  We picked one, did the counter and accept bit and signed some papers.  Now we wait.  It's funny being under contract because the buyer can back out of the "contract" for a myriad of reasons.  We are hopeful though.  If all goes well, we leave our beloved first home by September 10th.

Our house gave us more than four years of great memories.  This is where we spent our first night as a married couple.  This is where we brought our first child home to.  We have loved it here.  And soon, we are going to leave it forever.  It's kind of weird.  This is MY house.  We are the only people to have ever lived here and soon it will be illegal and creepy for me to just walk in the door of MY house.  Weird!

But really, I'm excited.  Our new house will be home to many more years, many more, memories, and hopefully where we bring our future children home to.  Right now it's just dirt.  But I already love my dirt.  We are going to have some seriously wonderful times know, when it is more than just dirt.

Thanks for being the best first house ever!  Sorry about the fingernail polish.