Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fun springtime adventures

I sure talk about my baby a lot. She rocks my world. I can't help it.

We did get a chance to get away and go to a Jazz game last week. It was so great to spend some time together sans baby but we couldn't wait to get back to her. We're big fans of her.

We took Avynlee swimming at the Lehi Legacy Center. She loved it. And she looks adorable in her little, tiny swimsuit. I love that she isn't afraid of the water and loves to splash and swim. For this outing, I couldn't find my fat kid swimsuit (the racing suit I bought early in my pregnancy) so I had to settle for a racing suit I wore pre-preg. Bad news. I did manage to mush this flabby mess into the tight suit, but it looked dreadful. I really need to work out more.

Avynlee's sleeping has been really hit and miss. I blame her teeth. But who knows. She is brewing a 3rd.

She is a champ crawler and is getting really good at sitting and playing with things (not getting too excited and falling down). She has started to pull herself up on stuff but only pulls herself to a kneel usually.

She is still really clingy and now that she is more mobile she just follows me around as I try to get things done.

Avynlee is really chatty. Most of the time it's just babble. There has been a distinct "momma" for almost a month and "boppa" (papa) has been uttered in regard to Adam a few times in the past couple weeks. It's adorable. Usually she just makes random noise but I love that she is so chatty.

Avs things everything is funny/a game. The other day, my contacts were bugging me so I was wearing glasses which happens very rarely. She thought they were hilarious. She lets us brush her teeth everyday with no problems...because that too, is a game. We have a forehead scanner and she thinks it's so exciting to have her temperature checked. Adam was sick the other day and we whipped out the forehead scanner for him, but she got so excited to see it, she and I played with it for a bit first. It sure is handy that she finds joy in the menial and necessary tasks in life. And snap, the job's a game!

I made another cake. This time for a corporate event. Check it out if you like. There's a link on the right somewhere.

My brother get's home in 4 months. Four!!! I can't wait. Missions are long, man!

We took Avynlee to a park last week. She loved it. She crawled around and pulled at the grass and LOVED the slide (on my lap...we don't make our baby slide alone). I see many park outings in our future. Pictures were taken. I'll post them soonish.

Avynlee is completely fascinated by other children. Apparently she doesn't get out much. I thought Adam and I were pretty entertaining but whenever she sees children she gets so giggly and excited. It's adorable. And it makes me feel bad that I don't play date it up a bit more so she can socialize a bit.

I have to retake Anatomy because I took it more than 5 years ago and many PA schools I am interested in seem to think that anatomy has changed since then. It hasn't. I got the high score on my last test. Hurrah. (Note the lack of exclamation point there...I want to be done with school).

I'm super tired and my husband and baby are both sleeping soundly but for some reason I can't. Hate that.

This has just turned in to drivel. So I will do everyone a favor and re-attempt sleep. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

6 Months!

This pretty girl is getting so big! On the 14th (pi day), we took her to get her shots. She handled them well. We them celebrated our little Py's half birthday with some pie.

Baby Avynlee weighed in at 17.31 pounds (77%) and is 27.95 inches tall (99%). Her head circumference is 17.1 inches (80%).

This baby is on the move. She rolls, scoots, and crawls all over. She can push herself into a sitting position.
She babbles and sings. She is obsessed with music.
She still likes to blow raspberries.
She gives hugs and kisses.
She is a champ at eating solids. She'll try anything but loves vegetables.
She is such a happy baby.
She thinks her dad is the coolest, funniest person in the world (she's right) and she is extremely attached to me lately (she's got some separation anxiety, I think). She even says "momma" or "mmmomma".
Little A loves bathtime more than anything and has enjoyed her newly introduced time outdoors. She loves going for walks (as pictured) especially if it's not windy and she can look around. When it is windy (a common occurence here), she likes to stick her tongue out and taste the wind (like a puppy).

We think Avynlee is the coolest, smartest, funniest, prettiest baby ever. It's been a pretty rad 6 months! We love her so much.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pretty Baby - 3 Month Pictures

My friend, Carlye, took some adorable pictures of Aynlee a couple months ago. If you want some cute pictures taken of your pretty baby, click the link and contact her. She's great.

Adorable, huh? I love them all. Little A is such a cute baby...obviously I'm biased, but I'm so glad I have some great pictures of her at this cute stage. Thanks Carl!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What did you do with your extra day?

worked and technically didn't get paid for it. He is on salary. Not that great.

hung out with a cute baby, studied a little, and cleaned a little. Then I got to visit an old friend and her new baby. He was only 6 pounds 8 ounces when he was born. SO much tinier than my baby. Then I got to drive home, very slowly, in the storm of the year.

saw a tiny baby for the first time. She was both enamored and baffled. She also practiced her crawling a lot, continued being really clingy (she has been for the past four or five days), and cut her very first tooth (reason for the a fore mentioned clinginess). It was a big day for her.