Wednesday, March 21, 2012

6 Months!

This pretty girl is getting so big! On the 14th (pi day), we took her to get her shots. She handled them well. We them celebrated our little Py's half birthday with some pie.

Baby Avynlee weighed in at 17.31 pounds (77%) and is 27.95 inches tall (99%). Her head circumference is 17.1 inches (80%).

This baby is on the move. She rolls, scoots, and crawls all over. She can push herself into a sitting position.
She babbles and sings. She is obsessed with music.
She still likes to blow raspberries.
She gives hugs and kisses.
She is a champ at eating solids. She'll try anything but loves vegetables.
She is such a happy baby.
She thinks her dad is the coolest, funniest person in the world (she's right) and she is extremely attached to me lately (she's got some separation anxiety, I think). She even says "momma" or "mmmomma".
Little A loves bathtime more than anything and has enjoyed her newly introduced time outdoors. She loves going for walks (as pictured) especially if it's not windy and she can look around. When it is windy (a common occurence here), she likes to stick her tongue out and taste the wind (like a puppy).

We think Avynlee is the coolest, smartest, funniest, prettiest baby ever. It's been a pretty rad 6 months! We love her so much.


*Aliese* said...

I love her little too-cool-for-school sunglasses. So cute. I just want to cuddle her!

Michelle Stocking said...

She's adorable, and pretty advanced. I can't believe she is already crawling AND pushing herself into a sitting position and saying momma. She's pretty young for all that!