Saturday, June 14, 2008

Husband Tag from Aliese

Ok, I realize (at least as much as the rest of you) that I remain unwed, but Aliese was so kind as to extend the tag to anyone feeling the need to pay tribute to their husband/boyfriend. This apparently includes me...although some questions might exclude me. We'll see. Enjoy.

  2. WHO SAID I LOVE YOU FIRST? Adam did. My response: "Really?" He said "yes" to which I replied with an "are you sure?" What a gem I am. After accepting that he actually meant it, I later returned the sentiment. Hey, I was merely avoiding a possible (but not) heartache.
  3. WHO IS TALLER? Adam about 7 inches.
  4. WHO I SMARTER? It's hard to say, there's plenty of genius to be found...only joking...Adam is better at most things (history, science, etc.), I'm better at all things mathematical and musical.
  5. WHO IS MORE SENSITIVE? This is also a tough one. Maybe him, but he'd say me for sure so I'll take it (not entirely willingly).
  6. WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY? Ah, the first one actually intended for the married folk. Well, I've done his laundry more than he's done mine so I guess that'd be me.
  7. WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED? I sleep on whatever side of my bed I want to. I assume he does the same. See, we don't have to fight over the blankets...aren't we lucky?
  8. WHO PAYS THE BILLS? Adam and I share one bill and that is our phone bill. He pays it every month but I give him my share (although I haven't this month). He'll be the bill payer for a little while though since he makes quite a bit more than I do.
  9. WHO COOKS MORE? I easily cook more. He'd claim that he cooks better...I'll believe it when I see it.
  10. WHAT MEALS DO YOU COOK TOGETHER? Not very many. We cooked together a lot more when we were away at school. It seems silly to cook a completely separate meal when you're parents have already done the cooking. We occasionally make lunch or dinner together here and there. Although it's rare, we really like cooking together.
  11. WHO IS MORE STUBBORN? Adam can be stubborn but he's little lamb compared to me.
  12. WHO IS THE FIRST TO ADMIT THEY ARE WRONG? Usually whoever is wrong. We don't often disagree but Adam probably apologizes first...even if maybe I ought to.
  13. WHO IS MORE CLEAN? Probably Adam. I'm a pack rat but I'm organized in some senses. I guess we'll see.
  14. WHO HAS MORE SIBLINGS? This one has everything to do with technicalities. I have two sisters and one brother bringing my grand total to 3. Adam has two step brothers and one half brother. They are all really close and consider themselves 100% brothers which would technically bring his total to 3. He also has two more step brothers that he doesn't even really consider related and that I haven't even met. So Adam either has 0 full siblings, 3, or 5. I think he'd probably claim the 3 so I guess we're tied. Long apologies.
  15. WHO WEARS THE PANTS IN THE RELATIONSHIP? I don't know that our relationship even wears pants. We probably wear shorts and we probably both have a leg. I'm stubborn but I'm also really indecisive which would force a lot of things on him.
  16. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO TOGETHER? Adam and I really like watching movies together. We also enjoy tv watching, lounging, playing games, and camping. There's more, I'm sure. Really, as long as we're together, we probably are liking what we're doing.
  17. WHO EATS MORE SWEETS? Adam does...although I look it...he's a bone. We both are big fans of ice cream and baked goods but not candy.
  18. GUILTY PLEASURES? We both like to do things we enjoyed as children. I maKe him watch Mannequin (I love this show...I seem to be entirely alone in that sentiment) and the occasional show (Baby Sitters Club) linked to nostalgia. He likes Monster Squad and wrestling. We also are watch American Gladiators and Ninja Warrior.
  19. HOW DID YOU MEET? I worked at the West Jordan Outdoor/Gene Pool for a year before Adam joined the crew. That's when we met. The following summer, we became good friends (this was the summer following my high school graduation). We started dating once we were at Utah State (My first year there, Adam's second).
  20. WHO ASKED WHO OUT FIRST? On our last night hanging out in WJ before I shipped of early for school, Adam asked for my number. I didn't have a cell so I didn't know my number. What a great thing to say "I don't know it" to. Anyway, I told him to give me his and I'd call him with mine once I knew it. I got to school and learned my phone number but then got nervous to call him, what if he was just being nice? I called him, I think before he even moved up, and gave him my new apartment number. We hung out on occasion...just as friends. I started dating another fella. This middle part is a very long, but fantastic story, let me know if you actually care to hear it. Long story short, I called him on a Saturday and asked if he was ever going to ask me out. He did. Our first date was the following Monday...September 20, 2004. I then ended things with the previously mentioned fella so I could be with Adam.
  21. WHO KISSED WHO FIRST? Adam. I was oblivious. We were hanging out with roommates and I said I needed to study for my biology test. He said he'd already taken it and that he'd help. I got my books and went to his house. I studied because I thought that was really what we were doing that night. Adam had different plans. Apparently, he tried to kiss me but I shot him down with a page turn or I really was studying. Then I caught on and he kissed me and I allowed it. This was on Thursday...a few days after the first date. I failed my test.
  22. WHO PROPOSED? ...awkward...just joking...nobody.
  23. BEST FEATURES? I'm a huge fan of all things Adam. I fell for his eyes, mouth, sense of humor, and his calves (no, I'm not a calves anybody really?...I just noticed them for some reason). Now I just like all of him...what a stud.
  24. WHAT IS HIS BEST QUALITY? He's nice. I can be a wee bit mean sometimes so I really admire how nice he is to everybody. He actually catches me off guard sometimes because he treats people he doesn't really like in completely different way than how I treat people I dislike. He's also really thoughtful. He's almost a waste of a really sweet guy. I'm pretty low maintenance and don't really require such greatness...but I certainly appreciate it. He also which is always a big plus and something I didn't expect so soon in my life. Lucky old me. He's just swell.

I now tag anyone who feels the need to write a tribute to their husband/ my sister include those poor saps who have been in a mega committed relationship but are often excluded from such bragging opportunities.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Birthday Misery & "The Accidental"

A couple weeks ago, we attended Adam's niece's birthday party. Katelyn was turning two and her cousins, her one-year-old aunt, as well as several adults attended in celebration. She was real cute and seemed to have a decent amount of fun until traditional birthday activites began to take place. Opening presents was such a major stressor for her and she got grumpy. Poor Katy. Anyway, some of Katelyn's "cousins" are mildly obnoxious. One in particular really grates on Katy's dad's nerves...and very likely everybody elses'. During a little game I started called catch-the-little-children-as-they-jump-off rocks, "annoying cousin," as I will call her, came and wanted in on all the fun. I let Katy's dad catch "annoying cousin" which was a hilariously wise decision on my part as I knew he was going to attempt "the accidental." (I know...a lot of quotations are being thrown around...just roll with it) Keep in mind that "annoying cousin" is not actually directly related nor is she young enough to be a bratty as she is. She is roughly 7...this is merely a guess. Anyhow, after gaining her trust by successfully catching her a few times, Katy's dad busted out "the accidental"- - this is to say he "missed" and she fell. It was rad. I'm a bad person, I know, I don't care, it was so so funny!