Thursday, June 5, 2008

Birthday Misery & "The Accidental"

A couple weeks ago, we attended Adam's niece's birthday party. Katelyn was turning two and her cousins, her one-year-old aunt, as well as several adults attended in celebration. She was real cute and seemed to have a decent amount of fun until traditional birthday activites began to take place. Opening presents was such a major stressor for her and she got grumpy. Poor Katy. Anyway, some of Katelyn's "cousins" are mildly obnoxious. One in particular really grates on Katy's dad's nerves...and very likely everybody elses'. During a little game I started called catch-the-little-children-as-they-jump-off rocks, "annoying cousin," as I will call her, came and wanted in on all the fun. I let Katy's dad catch "annoying cousin" which was a hilariously wise decision on my part as I knew he was going to attempt "the accidental." (I know...a lot of quotations are being thrown around...just roll with it) Keep in mind that "annoying cousin" is not actually directly related nor is she young enough to be a bratty as she is. She is roughly 7...this is merely a guess. Anyhow, after gaining her trust by successfully catching her a few times, Katy's dad busted out "the accidental"- - this is to say he "missed" and she fell. It was rad. I'm a bad person, I know, I don't care, it was so so funny!

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Kell said...

Rad... I am delighted