Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Ramblings

Thanksgiving was swell...we went to my Grandparents' cabin in Christmas Meadows (very over the river and through the woods) on Wednesday night...played a ton of games and stayed up late...

On Thanksgiving morning, we did some prep work and then went Christmas Tree hunting...

The cool kids...minus my mom who took the pic (I forgot my camera...shocker)...AK and I are thoroughly bundled in coats and snow pants...not was SO warm!
We found this lovely tree and chopped it down.

We held it and acted happy!

Here's the fam and their trees...ours was way too tall.

I loved all the homemade goodness and the family time and seeing the long lost cousin. Then we went to Adam's fam's for some pie and family time...which was also delightful.

Black Friday started early for us and we spend a ton but saved at least as much. Killer deals this year...and now we are nearly done with the Christmas shopping (and wrapping). When we got home, I spent about 4 hours lighting half our tree...then the lights shorted out and now we have to buy new ones and I have to start all I ticked? Why yes I am...I still haven't found the motivation to start all over.

Saturday was spend at Adam's Grandpa John's (we took Lyv) was pretty ok...but I started to get a little sick.

We watched Lyv again Sunday which I usually love but I was getting sick... I have no idea how sick moms muster of the energy to not totally neglect their kids...2 days was more than enough (really, I love her and would watch her everyday if I could...but I'm glad I don't...I'd get tired).

Then I missed a lot of school and work (sick) and now have tons to do...but I got some pics posted which shoudln't have been a priority but somehow was.

And now...I am Thankful for the raddest family ever (lucky to have best friends I'm related to so they are stuck with me forev) and the best husband in the whole world who is nice to me even when I am sick and obnoxious. What a champ.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What could you possibly have that's worth saying... early in the morning.

Adam and I carpool a lot. In our journeys I keep noticing that an awful lot of people are cell-phoning it up pre-8am. Why is this? Now, I am not one to talk on my phone ever...let alone while driving...let alone early in the morning...but I get the occasional need, e.i. "Hey, hun, I forgot my lunch, could you drop it off on your way." or "Hi mom, since you live in New York, I thought I'd call now to wish you a lovely morning." or "911, I just witnessed a's 7:15am...may want to look into it." For the most part, who could you possibly be talking to (and why) this early in the morning. Furthermore, the majority of the culprits are serial am talkers...this is going on every dang morning. I don't get it and I judge them for it, I really do. It's ridic.

Next up, if you want a Christmas card email me...hopefully I find time to actually send some out (since I suck and am still working on thank you cards for our wedding...sorry guys...they're coming though).

I shall try and post more often and hopefully on more interesting subject matter...I'm busy (no excuse...everyone is busy in one way or another) and don't have a computer or internet in my home...I'll try to remedy both. Peace folks!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Marriage Makes You Soft...

... and not just physically (which seems to be true for me but not Adam...darn BC). Adam was gone for 4 days to hunt deer with his dad. I missed him...a lot. I don't remember being quite this lame but it seems I am turning to least regarding Adam the great. Boy he's cool. To keep myself occupied in his absence, I finally put stuff on our bare walls. It took forever and I'm not quite done but it looks much better. I'm stoked. I'll post some pictures (I need to take some first though). In lieu of his return, I shall do this survey thingy (stollen from Aliese's blog) and talk about the coolest guy ever.

So...this is the way it works, you answer as though you were your significant other. They can correct your answers if needed.

Here are my answers from AK's POV:

1. Where am I from? I grew up in Nephi and moved to WJ in 7th grade.
2. Who are my siblings? Kellen (Lindsey), Tyson, Taylor. (and Jen's sibs: Aliese (Darrin), Jacob, and Natalie. My dad's wife has 2 kids too...but they don't really count.
3. What school did I go to? Nephi Elementary, Joel P. Jensen Middle School, West Jordan High School, SLCC, USU, UofU ~there may have been more than one elementary school, I forget~
4. What pet(s) did I have? A dog named Amber, then a dog named Trixie, and whatever Taylor was adopting at the time.
5. When is my birthday? September 27th

1. What's my favorite food? Mexican food or Greek food mostly. Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies is my favorite treat.
2. What's my favorite book? I read A LOT...maybe The River Runs Through It, Heart of Darkness, or Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainence. ~I really should know this...I do know what he is currently reading...he's reading two books, one is yellow and has a long title which I forgot...the other is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (precious)~
3. What's my favorite movie? Braveheart, Cassablanca, Indiana Jones (all)
4. Who was my favorite girlfriend / boyfriend? Jen (duh...I married her). Before that probably Brooke ~I don't actually know if they were boyfriend/girlfriend...I just know he dug her for a spell.
5. What's my favorite song or singer? All time...CLD, maybe Elvis.
6. What's my favorite color? Green (lately)
7. What's my type (Girl/boyfriend)? Girl-next-door looking girls who are extremely confident but have a tendency to be slightly needy once you get to know them.
8. What do I like better ketchup or mayo? Neither...unless they are combined with french fries.
9. Who's my favorite actor/actress? Leonardo DiCaprio...don't judge...he's a great actor...very versatile.
10. Who is my secret celeb crush? Mandy Moore he isn't the celebrity crush sort, but I know he thinks she's pretty~ Also the girl in Karate Kid.

1. Who is my best friend? Jennifer Kay! Also my fam and Brett and Brian and Paul and Kevin maybe.
2. What celebrity/historical figure best describes me? Abraham Lincoln - he's tall and skinny and shy and a great leader and teacher and a smarty. ~he wouldn't really say this~
3. What is my best accomplishment? Marrying a rad girl and graduating college ~and being brave for going back~
4. What is my best school subject? English/Humanities & History
5. What is my best quality? Tolerance
6. What's my best attribute? My smile. ~while he has a wonderful smile, his BEST physical attribute is his inguinal ligaments which sounds dirty but isn''s that line that kind of traces the hip region...and it's hot~
7. What am I the best at? Storytelling and being a husband and son and brother
8. Who was my best friend in Kindergarten? I don't remember his name but I'm going with the kid who's mom later killed her boyfriend. ~AK: I'm right, huh?~
9. Who was my best friend in 1st year university? Brian and Melissa
10. What tree best describes me? Aspen, it's tall, knobby, unique, and can adapt well in many different environments, also, it's Jen's fav.

1. Who is my worst nemesis? The guy who used to egg my car. Also, Bruce and Pearl.
2. What is the worst thing I have ever done? It depends on one's definition of worst...maybe when my friends and I would drive around and steal people outdoor Christmas decorations ~maybe he wouldn't have wanted me to say that~
3. What's my worst quality (in my opinion)? I'm not very confrontational.
4. What is the worst food in the world (according to me)? The bean dip with hamburger and corn in it that Jen's family call chip dip...can't even look at it.
5. What is the worst possible thing ever (I can think of)? Baby rapers
6. What is the worst thing you can ethically think of? Baby raping.
7. Who is the worst person I know? Hilter, whom I don't actually know personally...or Bruce, whom I do.
8. Whats my worst habit? I'm a backseat driver when Jen's driving ~he wouldn't say this...but I's his only flaw.
9. What is my wost attribute? I have a big nose ~I LOVE his nose...he thinks it's big, I think it's's masculine and he's a man...perfect.
10. What was my worst break up? Sally

1. What am I most proud of? Me degree and wife and house and adventures.
2. What am I most ashamed of? I can't think of life with no regrets and no reason to be ashamed.
3. Where would I want to live most? In a house with Jen in a fairly chill area...maybe Cache Valley.
4. What job do I want the most? Realistically, I want to be a professor, really it'd be nice to be paid to ride my bike or box or be an astronaut.
5. What crime would I want to committ the most? Arson ~maybe?~
6. What is most valuable to me? My wife and family
7. What is the most crazy thing i have ever done? That one time at the haunted house...we'll stop there.
8. Where do I want to visit most? Greece
9. What do I want to do the most? Quit my dang job
10. What am I most skilled at? I know everything about this a skill. I'm also good at cycling/running/swimming and I'm champ at wiping off the kitchen countertops.

1. What is my biggest achievement? College grad.
2. What is my biggest feature? I have a biggish nose and a longish forehead.
3. What was my biggest failure? Ever being friends with "Biggie" ~I said this, not him, he wouldn't...I just hate her...also, he doesn't actually have any failures that I know of.
4. What was my biggest regret? I don't have any regrets (remember the part about livin life with no regrets) ~not taking Jen to the last CLD concert of all what it should be.
5. What is my biggest dream? Be a professor and live in our dream house with Jen and our 0-3 children.

1. How many people have I dated? A lot. 5-8 ish were more serious.
2. How many languages do I speak? Just English so far.
3. How many days have I gone in a row without showering? Maybe 3.
4. How many times have I picked up in a bar? Countless I don't really know but I'm pretty sure~
5. How many valentines have I spent with a special someone? Perhaps 10ish(4 with Jennifer)
6. How many countries have I visited? 4 - Mexico, Canada, China, Jamaica ~I don't know about the last one...he went on a cruise...I think he went to Jamaica...could have been more countries involved...or different ones.
7. How many states have I visited? Around 30.
8. How many people have I kissed? 10
9. How many one night stands have I had? None.
10. How many days in a row have I gone without drinking/drugs? Just 2...j/k...infinite.

1. What was my first word? Not telling ~I really do know this and I know he wouldn't tell or want me to~
2. Where was my first school? Nephi
3. What was the first sport I played? T-ball
4. Who was my first crush? ~I have no idea...probably a cute little tomboyish girl~
6. Who was my first girlfriend? ~I would guess Sally but I think that isn't right~
5. Who was my first real love? I thought I loved 2 girls before I met Jen and learned what love really Jennifer.
7. Who was my first real heartbreak? Maybe Sally.
8. Who was my first kiss? ~I have no idea...but I know who his last was!~
9. What was my first swear word? Probably in...drink a sip of soda..."ah, damn good!"
10. What was the first concert I ever saw? ~Bah! I know this, I really do! I can't think of it! I shall guess Dave Matthews though for the sake of the game.

1. What is my craziest quality? I'm randomly and spontaneously silly.
2. What's the craziest thing I have ever done? Maybe the haunted house thing? Maybe the Mexico doombuggy and Senior Frogs thing? Get married (j/k!)
3. Who's the craziest person I've ever dated? Sally or Lori ~both nut jobs in my opinion~
4. What's my craziest interest? Cycling ~it's a good hobby but so boring to watch~
5. What's the craziest fashion trend I've followed? I had a mullet as a very young lad...which was a mega trend in Nephi.

1. What part of my body do I dislike? The nose
2. What do I find annoying or irritating? Jen...really late at night ~this is sort of a joke (because really it's true) because I get super hyper at night~
3. What do I do that is annoying? Be mean to Jen when she's driving (again...backseat driver...only flaw).
4. What habits do I have? What habits don't I have...I am a man of habit...a bit OCD about things. My life is a habit.
5. What addictions do I have? I have the least addictive personality of all time...but maybe Jen.

1. What philosopher do I agree with most? ~who cares...the funny thing is he likely has one...but I certainly wouldn't know it~
2. What politician do I agree with most? None...but I like Obama pretty well.
3. What laws do I disagree with? Pot being illegal...not that I'd do it...but it's no worse than smoking cigarettes...or you have to wear a seat belt in a car but motorcyclists don't have to wear helmets ~I don't really know~
4. What religion do I agree with most? Prolly the LDS.
5. What movements do I believe in? Uhh...women's rights? the slaves ~he'd be able to answer this perfectly himself~

1. Did I ever have an affair with a married person? Just Jen...but she's married to me.
2. Did I ever have a one night stand? No
3. Did I ever committ a crime? Yes.
4. Did I ever cheat on an exam? Jen's paper...only then.
5. Did I ever steal anything? What? Yes... ~I don't know what...gum...who knows...but I'm sure he has~
6. Did I ever run from the cops? Why? No
7. Did I ever do drugs? What kind? No
8. Did I ever participate in an orgy? No...gross.
9. Did I ever jump out of a plane? Not yet.
10. Did I ever steal another mans alcohol? No...but this one is funny.

1. Do I have any allergies? Yes...bad outside stuff...plants or pollen or something.
2. Have I broken any bones? Arm. Hand.
3. Have I had any operations? Tonsils and wisdom teeth
4. Do I have any mental disorders? No
5. Do I have any physical diseases or disorders? No...but I think I am a Marfan...which I am not.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Found Camera Cable!

That's right, folks! I found the dang thing. My dad is a chord hoard and he had it...sweet! are some tidbits of our post-wed summer. I'll get some housey pics posted soon!

The Yuba Triathlon:

AK did the Yuba triathlon in August. I was gonna join him...then I didn't...which I'm glad for. He did so well!

AK the great, in transit from swim to bike. He was the 5th done. I wish I had the number of people still in the lake in the background (there's around 300 behind him...rad!) He looks like a superhero in his wetsuit!
And the bike...unfortunately he wrecked and had to fix his chain and start up again which set him back bit...but he still did amazingly well. What a champ!

And the run! Here AK crosses the finish line and looks like he's been beat to death with a spoon. He's so cool! I'll join him next year...I need a bike and some training first.
Babysitting fun:
We watch Adam's niece, Alvia, from time to time...we LOVE it.
She had a sleepover at our house and we did some crafts, mallow roasting, and bowling. I also learned how much having a kid would cramp my style in the morning. Lesson learned.
How many 3 year olds can hold their own ball, approach, and throw the ball all alone...probably just this one. We had the slide thingy but because we weren't using it, she wanted nothing to do with it.
What focus.
We took Lyv to Lagoon over the summer. It was so so fun! She loved it!
I adore this face...this is her "pretty face" reminds me very much of some of my classic face-pulling pics.

Another precious face...she is so dang sweet! She loved the scarier kid rides...the roller coasters and the mini-rocket. What a little champ.

The Honeymoon:
I don't remember if I'd posted pics of I just decided to post a few. This place is so amazing. I loved PEI!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Adam's birthday was on Sunday and I had a whole birthday weekend planned for celebration purposes! I love birthdays. I love celebrating. I was stoked.

Birthday weekend started right when we got off work. We hung out and he opened a gift (2 shirts). Then we went to Cabella's. We are both wary shoppers...Adam picked some stuff he wanted but is going to buy them online (good thing too...much cheaper. Then we went to Hoppers (way good!) with K-Walk. It was way fun. We lingered and hung out and then headed back to EM.

On Saturday we slept in. I was going to take AK out to breakfast but we had big plans for dinner so we rationed our intake. Adam opened another gift (cylcing gloves). We stopped at his mom's bank and did some banking for 2 hours...changing accounts and beneficiaries...regrouping pretty much. Then we went to my parents' house. They gave Adam a Happenings Book. He was thrilled...still is. He has wanted one for a while. We are freaks. Adam wanted to swim but time didn't permit. We had some Jamba Juice and went to America First so I could make a transfer and spend more money on AK for his birthday. America First then attempted to wreck our weekend by stealing my ATM card because they thought I was a theif because they apparently can't make a decent name change (I can't buy anything online either). After being accused of a felony and having all access to my funds taken (still don't have my debit card) and after a mild melt down...Adam convinced me that my credit card is usable (Heaven forbid...I'm terrified of debt) and we proceeded to Cache Valley.

I had plans to take Adam to the USU football game and to Maddox (best restaurant in the whole world) and then stay in Logan for the night...fate had other plans for us. A grissly wreck on the freeway (pretty sure at least one person died) added about 2 hours to our drive and we missed the we ate at Maddox and had birthday ice cream at Charlies (part of our first date 5 years ago) and headed back down to EM.

Birthdays should be spent doing only what you want to we didn't go to church (judge if you will...but we didn't want to go). Instead we had a lovely breakfast and opened more presents (grill & Casablanca). Adam went for a lengthy bike ride to test out his new gloves while I set up his new grill (which we can't wait to use). After some cleaning up and hanging out we went to his Mom's house to hang with his family and celebrate his birtday and his little brother's birthday. I love hanging out with family and I love love my neices and nephews. It was a great night. After tons of fun, we went back to EM and watched Casablanca. I love birthdays!

Side note: I bought some fall scented scentsy wax and it just came in and I'm jazzed for my house to smell like fall time! I love the fall!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person ever to change my name and address... why does my bank blow so much? Normally, I love America First but after this I think I'm closing my great as it is to have all access to my funds yoinked. Thanks dummies. I'm miffed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our First Decoration

That's right, folks, tanville finally has a little color. We now have a rad fall wreath...the big kind...not the front door kind. It will live in our kitchen in a few weeks and I'm pumped. Next will be curtains and throw pillows (fabric from great...I found some amazing damask fabric elsewhere and even though it's so pretty our house really needs some the loud fabric from ikea will certainly fit the bill) I shall be crafting. AK will be gone for days hunting with his dad and I'll have to find something to occupy my time with since playing with him won't be an option. Our house is the boss at being really tan and I can hardly wait to get some crazy in there.

P.S. I miss having the internet. Boo.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Couples Tag

I stole this from my sister's blog (even the title of the post)'s different than any I've done so I'm game. Plus, I like my hubs so I'll blab about us some more.

1.)Where did you meet? We met as lifeguards at the West Jordan Outdoor Pool.

2.) Who introduced you? We introduced ourselves. He asked me to work for him so he could win an ice cream eating contest...I did work for him (it's hard to tell a cute guy no) but he did not win the contest (he's just little).

3.) What was the first thought that went through your head when you met? This hot guy is talking to me...he's sure hot. Way too cool for me though...snap out of it.

4.) Do you remember what he/she was wearing? Guard tank top, horrid black shorts that actually looking great on him. (lame but true...sorry)

5.) Where was the first place you kissed this person? He kissed me a few days after our first date. We were at his apartment in Logan. He said he'd help me study for Biology. The whole story is much longer than this...but I failed Biology.

6.) How long did you know this person before you became a couple? Over a year.

7.) How did he/she ask you out? There are two versions to this may choose.
Short Version: I asked him if he was going to and then he did.
Long Version: I was sort of with a really cool guy named Shohei. I had been harboring a mega crush on Adam for over a year but thought he wasn't in to me and I'm not a pursuer so we just hung out a lot. A few weeks prior to this I told a lie to ONE person. I told her I was engaged to my roommate's brother...a girl I knew liked him and I thought it would be funny. The lie spread further than I could ever imagine. Adam stopped hanging out with me. On Saturday, September 18th, 2004 I went to a football game with Shohei and my roommates and friends. Adam was there with Cassidy and other West Jordan pool folk. They came to investigate the engagement lie and to tell me I was stupid (Cassidy was the only one who knew the truth but thought it was funnier to keep it to herself). The pool kids came over that night and told me I was dumb. I told them the truth. They were mad. Adam was so mad. He stormed out. I chased him like a puppy. I told him I was sorry and thought it would be funny and didn't realize it would spread and last the way it did (btw my lie totally costed me a CLD concert which I'm still bummed about...another story for another day). I hung with Adam and some pool guys and left Cassidy to hang with others. We reconvened and Cassidy told me Adam liked me. I was shocked. I had a big fat choice to make. Shohei is a really cool, nice guy and was friend with my rad roommate. But I've been in to Adam for a really long time. I chose Adam...before he had even asked me out. So Cassidy told me they were texting all night and that I should call was around 2 am. I called him. We talked for a while. I asked if he was going to ask me out. He said he'd been wanting to for a while but then he "found out" I was engaged. Then he asked me out for the following Monday night. And I was his from that day on (he just didn't know it yet). The End.

8.) Do you have kids with this person? No. Not for several more years.

9.) Have you ever broken the law with this person? Yes. Enough said.

10.) When was the first time you realized that you really liked this person? Day One. I was even more sure after we went on a little journey together involving "borrowing" some tubes for a talent show (weird...again, a long story). And then I was certain of it when I saw other lifeguard girls flirting with him and I hated them instantly.

11.) Do you get along with his/her family? I think so. As far as I know we get along famously...I suppose I could be wrong but I doubt that I am. His family is a lot of fun.

12.) Do you trust this person? Entirely.

13.) Do you see her/him as your partner in the future? We're locked in for life baby!

14.) What is the best gift she/he gave you? He's never given me a bad present. I adore my wedding ring but that's not so much a it? My favorite is maybe my guitar, Li'l Johnny. Runners up are horsebackriding, Jerry Seinfeld tix, and my gun. The guitar and ring are number one though.

15.) How long have you been with this person? It's been 5 years since our first date and 2 months since our wedding.

16.) How well do you know your man or woman? So well. It took a while and I'm sure there are still things to be learned...but we know each other very well.

17.) What attracted you to him/her first? He was so attractive (I'm not a legs girl really but he has such huge calves and I noticed them readily because of his shorty short guard shorts). He also acted like he owned the place...he totally has the "cool guy"presence.

18.) Hair color? Dirty blonde.

19.) Does he/she let you wear their pants? I wear his pajama or sweat pants a fair bit. I don't often wear his jean because we certainly don't have similar body types...but he'd let me wear anything of his if I really wanted to.

20.) Do you have a shirt of hers/his that you sleep in? Only if I'm super cold...then I wear his hoodies.

21.) Does she/he make you happy? So happy.

22.) Does she/he have any piercings? No.

23.) Does she/he have any scars that you know of? Yep. He has a few. One on his back that looks like the result of a bullet wound...from skin ca. One on the bridge of his nose from summer '04...we were swimming together. I like that one because it reminds me of what a great day that was for me...I really really liked him and was thrilled to be swimming with him.

24.) Is he/she outgoing or shy? Both. He starts off quite shy but people who know him well know he is plenty outgoing.

25.) Does she/he sing? Only to me. And I love it.

26.) Do you like her/his friends? Quite a bit. Because we've known each other so long we have a lot of common friends. He's a cool guy so his friends are pretty cool too.

27.) Does she/he have any tattoos? No.

28.) Does she/he look like their mom? A little bit. He has the same face shape as his dad and the same coloring as his mom. I can see a little bit of them both in him.

29.) What is the most romantic date she/he has ever taken you on? We aren't the super romantic sort but he does surprise me from time to time. One of my favorites was the extended date we went on in Logan before he went to China.

30.) Do you have any nicknames for each other? Many...they're mostly unconventional though.

31.) Do you live with this person? Yes. And I love it.

32.) Do you have any pets together? No.

33.) Where is this person? He is currently at work.

34.) What is your anniversary date? Our wedding anniversary is June 20. Our first date anniversary is September 20 (I don't know if we just drop this one now...?)

35.) When will you guys do something next? Oh probably tonight. We carpooled today so I get to see him earlier than on non-carpool-days.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Good Life

I still haven't found my camera cable...surprised?...neither am I. The life is good though. I'm really enjoying my time with AK (spent playing Mario Party and eating frozen grapes). I also love living in the middle of nowhere. There is a wide variety of wildlife to be seen...but I've only seen the varieties of roadkill...deer, raccoons, snakes, we've got it all...but only if you want to see it dead.

One time we had fondue. It was lovely...nice and yuppie. I was proud of my wifing skills though...soon I'll earn my Pearls.

One time we babysat Adam's 3 year old niece. She slept over. I was scared she'd wet the bed (aka floor) so I deprived her of fluids after about plan worked nicely. I was brave enough to give her paint and glue to play with though...that, too, was a success.

One time my rad cousin stayed with me. Then she pulled a traitor and moved to AZ...enjoy cooking to death fav.! I miss her already...but really I didn't see her enough to begin with. And now we have matching headbands. If I got skinny we'd probably look like twins.

Life is good...and busy...and lacks the internet (or tv or any connection to the outside world)...and expensive...we're poor and happy and good. Peace!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My husband and I...

I stole this from my friend who is recently or nearly engaged...don't know which. Feel free to steal from me if you like.

  • What are your middle names? Adam Kyle Kay and Jennifer Ann Chipman Kay
  • How long did you know each other before you started dating? A bit more than a year
  • Who asked who out? I asked him to ask me out
  • Whose siblings do you see the most? We're tied...3 and 3. Things are more technical though which could swing the count in either direction...but we both basically have 3 siblings each.
  • Do you have any children together? No...praises no. Someday but not anytime soon.
  • What about pets? No. I wish we could have a bunny but I'm allergic. One day we might get a pet but I don't really see it happening.
  • Did you go to the same school? We both went to West Jordan High School...just not at the same time. We also both attended USU for a spell.
  • Who is the most sensitive? It depends on what's being referenced. Adam is sweeter and nicer and cares about things more than I do but I'm more emotional.
  • Where do you eat out most as a couple? We don't have a certain place...we both love greek food and Apollo. Lately it's probably McD's though because there isn't much around. If we're eating out beyond fast food we try to avoid chains or places we've been.
  • Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? PEI for our honeymoon.
  • Who has the craziest eyes? I think we both have pretty normal eyes. He'd say me though because mine get super dilated for no reason at all (or perhaps it's all the drugs I do ;) ) and one of my eyes sometimes is a little lazy (more than a little sometimes...@ Hay: Adam pointed mine out to me too...swell).
  • Who has the worst temper? Probably me.
  • Who does the cooking? We both do. We love to cook together. If I get home before he does, I do the cooking. He cooks too though. I'd say it's 70/30 in my favor.
  • Who is more social? Definitely me. Adam's quite shy...which surprises those who know him well.
  • Who is the neat freak? Uh...neither of us are freaks. I like things a certain way: a single dusty footprint on our kitchen floor annoys me, I do about 3 more loads of laundry than he'd do, I like our closet organized my way...but he's plenty tidy as well...he especially likes to clean the kitchen counters a lot (it's a germ thing).
  • Who is the most stubborn? We're both very stubborn but he's nicer so he gives in.
  • Who hogs the bed? I was so sure it would be me because I've always been a nightmare to share a bed with (so say my relatives and friends) and I purposely hog the blankets...Adam has definitely given me a run for my money though. He steals the blankets about half the time and he roles and squishes me. We're both obnoxious sleepers...good thing we're stuck together.
  • Who wakes up earlier? We wake up together but I usually get up earlier...just because I usually have to leave earlier.
  • Where was your first date? Logan...we went bowling, then to Charlie's, then to his apt. to scratch lotto tickets.
  • Who has the bigger family? His immediate families are bigger because both his parents are remarried. My extended families are bigger...I have more cousins.
  • Do you get flowers often? Not often at all. Maybe a few times ever. They die anyhow...he does other things to surprise me and make me happy.
  • How long did it take to get serious? I was serious from the beginning. After a few months we were both fairly serious...but marriage talk didn't happen for another year or two. We got married 4 years and 9 months after our first date.
  • Who eats more? Depends on the day. We sometimes eat nothing. We sometimes gorge. We're probably about even over all...He might eat a little more than I do...although you'd never think so to look at us.
  • Who sings better? I do. I love it when Adam sings though.
  • Who does the laundry? So far I do...I like doing it and I'm particular about how it's done. He helps fold and put away though. I'm sure he'll do it sometimes too.
  • Who’s better with the computer? Maybe me...I don't know...we can both hold our own.
  • Who drives when you are together? Adam always drives unless we're carpooling to work...then I drive because I have to go farther than he does.
  • Who picks where you go to dinner? I hate to choose things but sometimes Adam forces me. I try to choose as little as possible.
  • Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Usually Adam...I'm never too far can't be upset with someone like him for long.
  • Who wears the pants in the relationship? We both play our parts. We're a team.
  • Who has more tattoos? No tats for us.
  • Who eats more sweets? Maybe him, but we both dislike candy and rarely eat other forms of sweets...we get our sweet fix from fruit mostly.
The end. Being married has been a blast...not much different than before really...I don't leave at night...that's the only difference. And we have less money. And I vacuum and mop more than before.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Pictures!!!

I know I already posted today but I just got these and I'm crazy for them...clearly...I posted tons...and there are so many more that I totally love but time is tight and I must hustle.

Lyv and Me


Bridesmaids...Kelli (L) is the long lost sister and Natalie (R) is real

Bridesmaid + more...Aliese (sis - L), and Lindsey (SIL - R)

Getting some flower girl lovin'

The boys


Love this one!

Love this one too! It's a little saucey!


Aliese painstakingly tied all those lovely bows.


Check out my cousin/ring bearer on the funny!!!

These shoes way hurt.

Do I look's cuz I am.

The prettiest bouquet in the world with the two coolest rings in the world.

The cake and bouquet...both of which are rather crusty now.

Baby Max! Cutest nephew ever!

Love these guys!

The adorable Alaskan children

1st dance

Dancing with my bro

My mother and her bestie are nuts!

We have air!

A nice man came and fixed our central air on Wednesday. It was a glorious day! Yesterday was so hot and all I was thinking was, "I am so glad I can go home to a cool house!" Dull, I know, but it's been pushing 90 in our house and I want to be able to leave the living room without worrying about shriveling up like a raisin. Hurrah! The man with the woman's name saved the day! Unfortunately, I no longer have an excuse to never cook.

Also, our washer/dryer situation is nearly probably...then we can have clean clothes without driving our laundry to WJ. Sweet!

Also, Adam's uncle hooked up the water and ice maker in our fridge...we're totally paranoid that it'll break and flood our house but hopefully it won't.

Also, we have 2 of 3 functionable toilets now! No more running the stairs to go to the loo (unless you're downstairs but that's what you get).

Just a few more things left to fix and we'll be jake! I'm so Adam doesn't hate our lovely home anymore! I'll post pics sometime...I'll have to find the danged camera cord first...also, our house is stark, no decorations at all...I'll work on that though...someday. Good old house!

I am also free of those friggin fake fingernails...I hated them so very much but they looked much better than the real deal and for the nups I needed all the help I can get. I got one caught in a fan and it pulled up my real nail...gross...blood and ooze and pain they're gone.

Reasons I'm glad I'm fake nail free...will I ever get them's not looking good.

1. It sounds less annoying when I type now.

2. I can play the piano and guitar again.

3. I haven't ripped up any more fingernails since the removal (or clumsily injured my fingers in countless ways).

4. I can open stuff for myself now.

5. I can push in the lock on bathroom doors now.

Good riddance crappy appendages!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wedded Bliss!

I have pictures from the wedding from friends and family but that will just have to wait...if you're dying to see some check my sister's blog.

The wedding was really great. It was so busy but I loved it. It rained on and off throughout the course of the day which I thought was perfect...another bride crying outside of the temple disagreed. Her poor husband probably thought she'd be happy enough just to be marrying him...nope...the rained ruined HER day...dumb schmutz. A nice man in the temple stepped on my dress and ripped the back (Adam stepped on it while we were dancing and ripped part of the front...I thought my mom aka master seamstress was going to die). I messed up during the ceremony...and again during the ring ceremony...I guess it's good I put my own little touch on things though. Everything was so so great...even though I only got to talk to people I rarely see (but whom I care about) for a few minutes.

The honeymoon was amazing. Prince Edward Island is the most beautiful place ever! There is a lot of forest, farming, and beach (rocky, cliffs, or sandy). It was a little foggy and rained a little the first two days there but it was sunny and mid 70's most of the time. We canoed, hiked, ate tons of seafood, played/swim at the beaches, went on lighthouse and distillery tours, visited a "haunted" mansion that we left early because I'm a chicken, and much much more. It was so fun!

Married life so far is wonderful. Adam is the nicest guy around and keeps doing chores and making dinner and such to prove the bad husband stigma wrong. It is so fun to talk and laugh and not have to leave each other everynight. Things aren't without there problems though...while the relationship is complete perfection...shish has been hitting the fan along the homefront.

For a while our sprinklers weren't working and our lawn was dying. They came on last night for the first time...the city finally turned on our neighborhood's exterior water. Luckily, I got our jungle lawn mowed just a couple hours before the sprinklers came on. Our yard is small but we've never mowed the lawn (because we figured the HOA would...wrong). So after it got to be about a foot long and was sprouting...I caved and borrowed my parents lawnmower. It took several passes but I finally conquered the backyard.

Our AC isn't working so our home's temperature is around 85 most the time...which sucks. I've only cooked a few times because using the stove or oven just makes things that much hotter. We sleep on the floor in the living room (the coolest room in the house) and will continue to do so until we get the AC fixed...hopefully this week.

Adam's parents went in on a washer and dryer for our wedding gift. They were delivered last week but don't fit in our darn laundry closet...they will fit but the door frame narrows the opening too we'll need to the the dryer in sideways over the washer and behind the frame...make sense? Who cares. Hopefully this will work and we can avoid cutting into our wall.

We have 2.5 bathrooms. The only toilet with a kit in the tank is on the main floor in the half bath. The two upstairs aren't functional yet. It's an easy fix (hopefully) for someone who knows how to do it.

Everything else is pure joy and sunshine though. Life is good and I'm loving having such a rad husband around.

We haven't set up the internet or tv isn't in EM so we're choosing between dish and direct tv...suggestions? Anyhow...blogging might be limited as our internet is lacking.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bridal Pictures

I'm finally posting some bridal pictures. I need to pic a couple to print for our reception. Let me know what you think (even though you are likely annoyed with the new opinion forum rather than life updates and witty mockery)...which are your favs?...any reasons...Thanks!