Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Pictures!!!

I know I already posted today but I just got these and I'm crazy for them...clearly...I posted tons...and there are so many more that I totally love but time is tight and I must hustle.

Lyv and Me


Bridesmaids...Kelli (L) is the long lost sister and Natalie (R) is real

Bridesmaid + more...Aliese (sis - L), and Lindsey (SIL - R)

Getting some flower girl lovin'

The boys


Love this one!

Love this one too! It's a little saucey!


Aliese painstakingly tied all those lovely bows.


Check out my cousin/ring bearer on the funny!!!

These shoes way hurt.

Do I look's cuz I am.

The prettiest bouquet in the world with the two coolest rings in the world.

The cake and bouquet...both of which are rather crusty now.

Baby Max! Cutest nephew ever!

Love these guys!

The adorable Alaskan children

1st dance

Dancing with my bro

My mother and her bestie are nuts!


The Gruwells said...

SO beautiful! I wish I could have been there! Congrats, I am thrilled for you two!

hairyshoefairy said...

I didn't realize you were married in Logan! The photos are gorgeous!

Carlye said...

Jen! You're gorgeous! I love the pictures! I wish we could have made it!

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures. It looks like it was an absolutely lovely day!

Hatch said...

The photos look great!! I love how Caleb is hiding his face when you are kissing!

Amy and Mike said...

Those pics are pretty sweet. Amy also commented on good they were. It was fun seeing you while we were in Utah. We wish we could have made it to the new house, but ran out of time. I'm glad that things are looking up with the house. It's nice to have relatives who know things.

Kody & Brittany said...

I absolutely LOVE them! We miss you guys... call us soon to hang out!