Friday, July 17, 2009

We have air!

A nice man came and fixed our central air on Wednesday. It was a glorious day! Yesterday was so hot and all I was thinking was, "I am so glad I can go home to a cool house!" Dull, I know, but it's been pushing 90 in our house and I want to be able to leave the living room without worrying about shriveling up like a raisin. Hurrah! The man with the woman's name saved the day! Unfortunately, I no longer have an excuse to never cook.

Also, our washer/dryer situation is nearly probably...then we can have clean clothes without driving our laundry to WJ. Sweet!

Also, Adam's uncle hooked up the water and ice maker in our fridge...we're totally paranoid that it'll break and flood our house but hopefully it won't.

Also, we have 2 of 3 functionable toilets now! No more running the stairs to go to the loo (unless you're downstairs but that's what you get).

Just a few more things left to fix and we'll be jake! I'm so Adam doesn't hate our lovely home anymore! I'll post pics sometime...I'll have to find the danged camera cord first...also, our house is stark, no decorations at all...I'll work on that though...someday. Good old house!

I am also free of those friggin fake fingernails...I hated them so very much but they looked much better than the real deal and for the nups I needed all the help I can get. I got one caught in a fan and it pulled up my real nail...gross...blood and ooze and pain they're gone.

Reasons I'm glad I'm fake nail free...will I ever get them's not looking good.

1. It sounds less annoying when I type now.

2. I can play the piano and guitar again.

3. I haven't ripped up any more fingernails since the removal (or clumsily injured my fingers in countless ways).

4. I can open stuff for myself now.

5. I can push in the lock on bathroom doors now.

Good riddance crappy appendages!

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