Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pretty glad our house didn't burn down

There was a fire in Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs.  Here's the story (and the source of the picture).
Our house was less than a mile from the evacuation zone and we were fairly confident our home would be fine.  However, the air was terrible. The fact that is was burning waste wasn't super appealing either.  We could smell the fire in Draper and West Jordan and Adam left work to discover ash had blown through his barely rolled down windows and onto his seats and dashboard.  My champ husband gathered some stuff and took his baby and asthmatic wife to WJ and we spent the weekend with my family.  Not exactly how we intended to spend the weekend but we had fun and are really grateful for our families who are always there for us...and super grateful to be back in our house again.

Over the weekend we also went to Steven and Nicole's wedding (pictures to come) and took advantage of our living situation to get some babysitting and hang out with some friends.

Friday, June 15, 2012

9 Months

This little girl is growing up so fast!

We went to the doctor today for her 9 month check up.  She is still super tall at 29.92 inches (99%).  She weighs 19.95 pounds (71%).  Her head circumference is 17.6 inches (73%).

She can still wear some 6 month stuff but is mostly in 9-12 month tops.  12 month bottoms are still too baggy on her.  Avynlee is still a huge momma's girl but she is completely smitten with Adam. She gets excited and says "papa" or "dadda" when she seems him. She sleeps through the night 95% of the time. Avs is a champ eater and is always willing to try new things. She is really good and feeding herself finger foods and is trying really hard to spoon feed herself but it usually results in a mess. She seems to prefer a sippy cup to a bottle and tries to drink out of cups. Avynlee still loves baths and swimming. She likes to wash her hands and have her teeth brushed. Py loves reading stories and will often flip though books and babble to herself. She loves playing her toy piano as well as real ones. Avynlee bounces to music and loves to sing (really loudly). She loves watching and playing with other kids. She loves playing patty cake and having songs with actions sung to her. Her favorite is "ball for baby" and she tries to do the actions too. Avs has been pulling herself up and cruising for a while and is getting better at standing unassisted. She can climb our flight of 15 stairs in under a minute. She recently discovered she is able to flush the toilet and she often tries to practice he new skill. She loves to empty laundry baskets and throw clothes around the room. If we open the fridge or cabinet door she races over and tries to snatch prizes out before we close it again. She is a really good climber and can climb on overturned laundry baskets (really one of her favorite toys), my parents couch, and from the floor of the car to the seat. She is a noisey baby and is constantly babbling, singing, squeeling, and laughing. She doesn't cry very often. She has recently started to growl and talk in her "villain voice" as we call it. It isn't because she's upset or anything...just a voice she likes to use I guess. She also is a big fan of babbling in a really really high pitched voice. It's adorable. She mimics us a lot and seems to be correctly using certain words. She definitely says momma/mom and papa/dad/dadda in reference to me and Adam. She still says "I get it" (in reference to obtaining and object) and "I did it!" in context. She also seems to know/say up, bottle (baba sometimes batoe), treat, stairs, etc. Obviously, we could be wrong but it seems like she is really saying thing intentionally. She sometimes waves hi/goodbye. She claps for herself or if she likes something.

She is an observant, happy, wiggly baby and we love her so much.

Here are some cell phone pictures I've taken the past couple weeks:

And some adorable pictures my amazing friend Carlye took of her 3 months ago...these are just a few of the long promised 6 Month photos.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alesha's Wedding Cake

Check out my cake blog JACKed Cakes: Alesha's Wedding Cake.  I made this cake for a wedding last weekend.  It's really similar to one I made last summer.  I think it's lovely.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


The title is your warning. Feel free to not read this. 

Breastpumping is weird.  Especially at work.  I'm glad it exists, don't me wrong.  And I'm grateful a certain friend lent me a certain device so I didn't have to spend 70 gazillion dollars to feel awkward at work.
I was discussing pumping with AK about 5 minutes ago.  He likes to tease me.  There was a cow reference.  I laughed.  Then I told him he should have to experience the wonder that is breast pumping...for empathy, ya know.  Obviously I knew he would refuse.  I don't really know what I would have done if he would have been like, "ok, hook me up!"  But, really, he couldn't handle it.  I know it.  And it made me think of this...

(obviously both images are not my own, they came from google somewhere)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AK scared the Feds

I know I have a ton of adorable baby pictures to post.  Soon.  I mean it.

But for now, a story.

Today, Adam got a flat tire near Camp Williams while driving to work today.  He called me and I retrieved him.  His car mishap made him late for work so he just locked his car, left it there, and I took him to work on my way to work.

When his coworker returned him to his car, a federal agent was there and wouldn't let AK do anything without ID, which he left at work.  And Adam wasn't allowed to leave to go get know, because he is super suspicious looking.  His coworker had to drive back and retreive Adam's ID.  Apparently, leaving a vehicle parked just outside Camp Williams and just ditching is a major red flag and the nice FBI man thought AK might be some kind of terrorist.  Nutso!

Several hours later, my sweet, innocent, non-terrorist husband was allowed to return to work.  Poor fellow.  It never even crossed my mind how shady leaving his car there would appear to those inside.