Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pretty glad our house didn't burn down

There was a fire in Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs.  Here's the story (and the source of the picture).
Our house was less than a mile from the evacuation zone and we were fairly confident our home would be fine.  However, the air was terrible. The fact that is was burning waste wasn't super appealing either.  We could smell the fire in Draper and West Jordan and Adam left work to discover ash had blown through his barely rolled down windows and onto his seats and dashboard.  My champ husband gathered some stuff and took his baby and asthmatic wife to WJ and we spent the weekend with my family.  Not exactly how we intended to spend the weekend but we had fun and are really grateful for our families who are always there for us...and super grateful to be back in our house again.

Over the weekend we also went to Steven and Nicole's wedding (pictures to come) and took advantage of our living situation to get some babysitting and hang out with some friends.


*Aliese* said...

The fires recently have been CRAZY! We had to drive through one in Leeds on the way home from working at the cabin on Saturday. I was pretty bummed we couldn't make it to the wedding on Friday, but Darrin had to work and I was in meetings all week.

Michelle said...

I'm glad your house didn't burn down either! Sorry I never texted you back the other day, I was busy packing & moving, but I meant to :)