Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AK scared the Feds

I know I have a ton of adorable baby pictures to post.  Soon.  I mean it.

But for now, a story.

Today, Adam got a flat tire near Camp Williams while driving to work today.  He called me and I retrieved him.  His car mishap made him late for work so he just locked his car, left it there, and I took him to work on my way to work.

When his coworker returned him to his car, a federal agent was there and wouldn't let AK do anything without ID, which he left at work.  And Adam wasn't allowed to leave to go get it...you know, because he is super suspicious looking.  His coworker had to drive back and retreive Adam's ID.  Apparently, leaving a vehicle parked just outside Camp Williams and just ditching is a major red flag and the nice FBI man thought AK might be some kind of terrorist.  Nutso!

Several hours later, my sweet, innocent, non-terrorist husband was allowed to return to work.  Poor fellow.  It never even crossed my mind how shady leaving his car there would appear to those inside.


*Aliese* said...

That Adam is one dirty dog...

Shumway Adventures said...

Was that today? I totally drove by that! I thought crazy 6 cop cars or something for one car. I thought the same thing maybe it had to do something with Camp Williams. That's funny it was you I saw!