Friday, June 15, 2012

9 Months

This little girl is growing up so fast!

We went to the doctor today for her 9 month check up.  She is still super tall at 29.92 inches (99%).  She weighs 19.95 pounds (71%).  Her head circumference is 17.6 inches (73%).

She can still wear some 6 month stuff but is mostly in 9-12 month tops.  12 month bottoms are still too baggy on her.  Avynlee is still a huge momma's girl but she is completely smitten with Adam. She gets excited and says "papa" or "dadda" when she seems him. She sleeps through the night 95% of the time. Avs is a champ eater and is always willing to try new things. She is really good and feeding herself finger foods and is trying really hard to spoon feed herself but it usually results in a mess. She seems to prefer a sippy cup to a bottle and tries to drink out of cups. Avynlee still loves baths and swimming. She likes to wash her hands and have her teeth brushed. Py loves reading stories and will often flip though books and babble to herself. She loves playing her toy piano as well as real ones. Avynlee bounces to music and loves to sing (really loudly). She loves watching and playing with other kids. She loves playing patty cake and having songs with actions sung to her. Her favorite is "ball for baby" and she tries to do the actions too. Avs has been pulling herself up and cruising for a while and is getting better at standing unassisted. She can climb our flight of 15 stairs in under a minute. She recently discovered she is able to flush the toilet and she often tries to practice he new skill. She loves to empty laundry baskets and throw clothes around the room. If we open the fridge or cabinet door she races over and tries to snatch prizes out before we close it again. She is a really good climber and can climb on overturned laundry baskets (really one of her favorite toys), my parents couch, and from the floor of the car to the seat. She is a noisey baby and is constantly babbling, singing, squeeling, and laughing. She doesn't cry very often. She has recently started to growl and talk in her "villain voice" as we call it. It isn't because she's upset or anything...just a voice she likes to use I guess. She also is a big fan of babbling in a really really high pitched voice. It's adorable. She mimics us a lot and seems to be correctly using certain words. She definitely says momma/mom and papa/dad/dadda in reference to me and Adam. She still says "I get it" (in reference to obtaining and object) and "I did it!" in context. She also seems to know/say up, bottle (baba sometimes batoe), treat, stairs, etc. Obviously, we could be wrong but it seems like she is really saying thing intentionally. She sometimes waves hi/goodbye. She claps for herself or if she likes something.

She is an observant, happy, wiggly baby and we love her so much.

Here are some cell phone pictures I've taken the past couple weeks:

And some adorable pictures my amazing friend Carlye took of her 3 months ago...these are just a few of the long promised 6 Month photos.

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*Aliese* said...

Cute-not-so-little stinker! That first photo of Carlye's is stinkin' adorable. There's just something about the positioning of her feet! I just miss her so much! :) I feel as though she needs to learn to say Liesey though. I expect some verbal recognition upon our next meeting (not that her happy reactions when I'm being mistaken for her mommy are entirely negative though).