Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Time in Manti

With my favorite little bro (he's my only brother, but I assure you, if I had more brothers, he'd be my favorite one) going on his mission in one month from today (I can barely believe it's coming so soon!) the fam gathered at the Manti temple for some temple time. That temple is amazing. It's seriously so pretty inside. It looks like what I thought Logan would look like...but they thought the 70's (merely a guess) was prime time to gut all that beautiful character out of the Logan temple and "update it." Okay...that's a big tangent and really I think the Logan temple is lovely and the outside is so unique and it will always be my favorite. But Manti was splendid. And there was a really nice elderly couple who were obviously regulars who literally took Adam and I by the hands and led us to the dressing rooms and such.

After temple time, Aliese's friend, Kristen, took some photogs of our family. Here's a little snippet if you're interested in knowing what my family looks like...but if you don't know any of us (including me), you should refrain because that's maybe a little creepy. Here's the link to Kristen's photo blog. While she's a lovely girl and the pics are adorable, I still strongly endorse the greatness of greats, Carlos...found here.

I like the pic of me and Adam...we look young and in love (which is convenient...cuz we are...try not to gag). Also, I like the look on Jacob's face while he's doing the Jag train...I'm holding still because I was laughing too much to continue Jag training...J-A-G-U-A-R-S. I also like the one with my whole big fam...the green one, not the church clothes one. Kneeling makes my chub look even chubbier...and frankly, we don't need more of that around here.

Thanks Kristen for putting up with us.

Highlight of the weekend: Refusing to put my heels back on and running with very high knees, across the melty hot asphalt, from grass patch to park strip, so as to not scorch my piggies. What a dope!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Year!

I married the greatest guy in the world one year ago today. We celebrated in Logan this weekend with some camping, Maddox, shopping, playing, summerfesting, and some Anniversary Inn time. It was a great weekend (I'm a bit sad it's already over) and the perfect way to celebrate a really spectacular first year of marriage.

Marrying Adam was the best and easiest decision I have ever made. He is the best husband and my best friend. He makes me laugh and takes such good care of me. I still can barely believe that I managed to snag such a guy. I also still marvel at how perfect he is for me. Literally perfect. I am so lucky and grateful that Adam and I have each other and will forever.


Thanks for marrying me. Thanks for being an amazing husband. Thanks for taking out the trash and cleaning the bathtub. Thanks for rubbing my crappy joints and making fun of my many oddities. Thank you for being a genius and for telling me I am smarter than you...even though we both know I am not. Thanks for being so proud of my minor accomplishments and for believing that I am capable of many more. Thank you for telling me I am pretty even when I look like an orphan in pajamas. Thank you for making so many sacrifices. Thanks for being cool and interesting and fun to hang out with. Thanks for being a really good driver so I don't heave. Thanks for being quirky and hilarious. Thanks for making me take my inhaler when I'm having asthma troubs but am being too stubborn to do anything about it myself. Thanks for teaching me more about love and kindness every single day. Thank you for all the surprises and for the consistencies. I am so grateful for you and I love you so much. You really are the best husband ever and I am astounded and thrilled that you'll be mine forever. I hope I make you as blissfully happy as you make me every day. Thank you for making this past year the very best one of my life.

~your Jen

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Saratoga Springs Triathlon

On June 6, Adam competed in the Saratoga Springs Triathlon. He really loves participating in these which I think is really impressive. Maybe one day I'll become tough enough to join him...but until then, here is my handsome husband in all his glory.

Adam is an amazing swimmer. He used to suck. I mean, he could get across the pool and everything. But he sucked. Now he is SO GOOD! He has worked quite hard to become so. The swim was done in waves. Adam was in the 3rd he started after 42 people. He finished 10th...passing many who started 1 or 2 minutes before he did. What a champ. The top right pic has a sign that says, "no swimming in the marina" haha!
AK only had the chance to ride his bike twice before this race (not twice ever, just twice this year). The weather in EM didn't really allow much more. He still did an awesome job though.

The run is probably where Adam made the most improvement from his last triathlon. He did a great job and passed some more people. After the race they announced the winners for gender and age group and awarded prizes. Adam took third in his age group! He sure is a champ!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I hope they call me on a mission!

Ok, well not really me...but my little bro got his mission call today. He'll be serving the [extremely lucky] people of San Jose, California. I'm sure gonna miss this kid. One major perk to his close proximity to UT is the postage won't cost me an arm and a leg.
That's one happy kid.


Congrats, Chicken! You'll be the greatest missionary anyone ever saw.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Havasu

Somehow this little beauty snuck its way out of my last post. This is havasu falls. It was our first swimming endeavor (and the one the crew is pictured in in the last picture of my previous post). Splendor, yes?