Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Saratoga Springs Triathlon

On June 6, Adam competed in the Saratoga Springs Triathlon. He really loves participating in these which I think is really impressive. Maybe one day I'll become tough enough to join him...but until then, here is my handsome husband in all his glory.

Adam is an amazing swimmer. He used to suck. I mean, he could get across the pool and everything. But he sucked. Now he is SO GOOD! He has worked quite hard to become so. The swim was done in waves. Adam was in the 3rd he started after 42 people. He finished 10th...passing many who started 1 or 2 minutes before he did. What a champ. The top right pic has a sign that says, "no swimming in the marina" haha!
AK only had the chance to ride his bike twice before this race (not twice ever, just twice this year). The weather in EM didn't really allow much more. He still did an awesome job though.

The run is probably where Adam made the most improvement from his last triathlon. He did a great job and passed some more people. After the race they announced the winners for gender and age group and awarded prizes. Adam took third in his age group! He sure is a champ!


N Luthi said...

How cool is that! Seriously!

*Aliese* said...

Yay! That is pretty awesome. I wanted to do a triathlon with Meghan when she lived down here, but I just couldn't do the running. It makes me so mad; my knees just can't take it!

Amy and Mike said...

Nice! I think I could do good at the biking (getting chased by dogs on the mission) and running (always been good in that department), but I would totally suck at the swimming (although I did get my lifesaving merrit badge in the fridged waters of bear lake). It really takes talent and dedication to be good at all three. Good Job Adam!

Hatch said...

Awesome Ak!!!! I think it is so cool he did this and placed to, I look at these photo's and think if I was in them I would be dead at the end not holding money!!

Carlye said...

Wow! Go AK!

Hailey Jones said...

can we do a triathalon someday after ruby is born.but you don't have to stay with me the whole time because obvi you are better at all of the above than i am. but maybe it would be a fun way to be bff.
and so excited abotu chickens mission call. that is what you call him ... right? i heard what bishop homer said. told you he was strange. ps. san jose is NOT the poorest part of california. just for your info.