Friday, August 21, 2009

The Good Life

I still haven't found my camera cable...surprised?...neither am I. The life is good though. I'm really enjoying my time with AK (spent playing Mario Party and eating frozen grapes). I also love living in the middle of nowhere. There is a wide variety of wildlife to be seen...but I've only seen the varieties of roadkill...deer, raccoons, snakes, we've got it all...but only if you want to see it dead.

One time we had fondue. It was lovely...nice and yuppie. I was proud of my wifing skills though...soon I'll earn my Pearls.

One time we babysat Adam's 3 year old niece. She slept over. I was scared she'd wet the bed (aka floor) so I deprived her of fluids after about plan worked nicely. I was brave enough to give her paint and glue to play with though...that, too, was a success.

One time my rad cousin stayed with me. Then she pulled a traitor and moved to AZ...enjoy cooking to death fav.! I miss her already...but really I didn't see her enough to begin with. And now we have matching headbands. If I got skinny we'd probably look like twins.

Life is good...and busy...and lacks the internet (or tv or any connection to the outside world)...and expensive...we're poor and happy and good. Peace!


*Liese said...

Good job at wifing. I, too, would deprive a small child of fluids after 7 PM to save my carpet!

Anonymous said...

We did have an awesome time. I'm still checking to see what sort of plan I can unfold for a thanksgiving trip.:D