Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Couples Tag

I stole this from my sister's blog (even the title of the post)'s different than any I've done so I'm game. Plus, I like my hubs so I'll blab about us some more.

1.)Where did you meet? We met as lifeguards at the West Jordan Outdoor Pool.

2.) Who introduced you? We introduced ourselves. He asked me to work for him so he could win an ice cream eating contest...I did work for him (it's hard to tell a cute guy no) but he did not win the contest (he's just little).

3.) What was the first thought that went through your head when you met? This hot guy is talking to me...he's sure hot. Way too cool for me though...snap out of it.

4.) Do you remember what he/she was wearing? Guard tank top, horrid black shorts that actually looking great on him. (lame but true...sorry)

5.) Where was the first place you kissed this person? He kissed me a few days after our first date. We were at his apartment in Logan. He said he'd help me study for Biology. The whole story is much longer than this...but I failed Biology.

6.) How long did you know this person before you became a couple? Over a year.

7.) How did he/she ask you out? There are two versions to this may choose.
Short Version: I asked him if he was going to and then he did.
Long Version: I was sort of with a really cool guy named Shohei. I had been harboring a mega crush on Adam for over a year but thought he wasn't in to me and I'm not a pursuer so we just hung out a lot. A few weeks prior to this I told a lie to ONE person. I told her I was engaged to my roommate's brother...a girl I knew liked him and I thought it would be funny. The lie spread further than I could ever imagine. Adam stopped hanging out with me. On Saturday, September 18th, 2004 I went to a football game with Shohei and my roommates and friends. Adam was there with Cassidy and other West Jordan pool folk. They came to investigate the engagement lie and to tell me I was stupid (Cassidy was the only one who knew the truth but thought it was funnier to keep it to herself). The pool kids came over that night and told me I was dumb. I told them the truth. They were mad. Adam was so mad. He stormed out. I chased him like a puppy. I told him I was sorry and thought it would be funny and didn't realize it would spread and last the way it did (btw my lie totally costed me a CLD concert which I'm still bummed about...another story for another day). I hung with Adam and some pool guys and left Cassidy to hang with others. We reconvened and Cassidy told me Adam liked me. I was shocked. I had a big fat choice to make. Shohei is a really cool, nice guy and was friend with my rad roommate. But I've been in to Adam for a really long time. I chose Adam...before he had even asked me out. So Cassidy told me they were texting all night and that I should call was around 2 am. I called him. We talked for a while. I asked if he was going to ask me out. He said he'd been wanting to for a while but then he "found out" I was engaged. Then he asked me out for the following Monday night. And I was his from that day on (he just didn't know it yet). The End.

8.) Do you have kids with this person? No. Not for several more years.

9.) Have you ever broken the law with this person? Yes. Enough said.

10.) When was the first time you realized that you really liked this person? Day One. I was even more sure after we went on a little journey together involving "borrowing" some tubes for a talent show (weird...again, a long story). And then I was certain of it when I saw other lifeguard girls flirting with him and I hated them instantly.

11.) Do you get along with his/her family? I think so. As far as I know we get along famously...I suppose I could be wrong but I doubt that I am. His family is a lot of fun.

12.) Do you trust this person? Entirely.

13.) Do you see her/him as your partner in the future? We're locked in for life baby!

14.) What is the best gift she/he gave you? He's never given me a bad present. I adore my wedding ring but that's not so much a it? My favorite is maybe my guitar, Li'l Johnny. Runners up are horsebackriding, Jerry Seinfeld tix, and my gun. The guitar and ring are number one though.

15.) How long have you been with this person? It's been 5 years since our first date and 2 months since our wedding.

16.) How well do you know your man or woman? So well. It took a while and I'm sure there are still things to be learned...but we know each other very well.

17.) What attracted you to him/her first? He was so attractive (I'm not a legs girl really but he has such huge calves and I noticed them readily because of his shorty short guard shorts). He also acted like he owned the place...he totally has the "cool guy"presence.

18.) Hair color? Dirty blonde.

19.) Does he/she let you wear their pants? I wear his pajama or sweat pants a fair bit. I don't often wear his jean because we certainly don't have similar body types...but he'd let me wear anything of his if I really wanted to.

20.) Do you have a shirt of hers/his that you sleep in? Only if I'm super cold...then I wear his hoodies.

21.) Does she/he make you happy? So happy.

22.) Does she/he have any piercings? No.

23.) Does she/he have any scars that you know of? Yep. He has a few. One on his back that looks like the result of a bullet wound...from skin ca. One on the bridge of his nose from summer '04...we were swimming together. I like that one because it reminds me of what a great day that was for me...I really really liked him and was thrilled to be swimming with him.

24.) Is he/she outgoing or shy? Both. He starts off quite shy but people who know him well know he is plenty outgoing.

25.) Does she/he sing? Only to me. And I love it.

26.) Do you like her/his friends? Quite a bit. Because we've known each other so long we have a lot of common friends. He's a cool guy so his friends are pretty cool too.

27.) Does she/he have any tattoos? No.

28.) Does she/he look like their mom? A little bit. He has the same face shape as his dad and the same coloring as his mom. I can see a little bit of them both in him.

29.) What is the most romantic date she/he has ever taken you on? We aren't the super romantic sort but he does surprise me from time to time. One of my favorites was the extended date we went on in Logan before he went to China.

30.) Do you have any nicknames for each other? Many...they're mostly unconventional though.

31.) Do you live with this person? Yes. And I love it.

32.) Do you have any pets together? No.

33.) Where is this person? He is currently at work.

34.) What is your anniversary date? Our wedding anniversary is June 20. Our first date anniversary is September 20 (I don't know if we just drop this one now...?)

35.) When will you guys do something next? Oh probably tonight. We carpooled today so I get to see him earlier than on non-carpool-days.


*Liese said...

Good job. I do love reading a good tag. I, too, have no qualms about man-bragging. I laugh every time I read/hear about Shohei and the fact you were supposedly engaged. I remember getting like twenty texts and thinking, "These people are nuts. Really? They don't know my sister at ALL." I especially love the unnamed individual who basically told me I was wrong. Nice.

*Liese said...

@ Jen--
I know. It's kinda sad. I guess it's possible that we've done more than him get a speeding ticket, but I can't think of anything at the moment. Maybe I'll have to ask him later tonight.