Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our First Decoration

That's right, folks, tanville finally has a little color. We now have a rad fall wreath...the big kind...not the front door kind. It will live in our kitchen in a few weeks and I'm pumped. Next will be curtains and throw pillows (fabric from great...I found some amazing damask fabric elsewhere and even though it's so pretty our house really needs some the loud fabric from ikea will certainly fit the bill) I shall be crafting. AK will be gone for days hunting with his dad and I'll have to find something to occupy my time with since playing with him won't be an option. Our house is the boss at being really tan and I can hardly wait to get some crazy in there.

P.S. I miss having the internet. Boo.


*Liese said...

Good job finding a decoration and fabric. Bad job posting pictures of it.

Jen said...

...still can't find my camera cord...and the fabric is out of stock so I haven't actually purchased it yet...I'll find the durn cable soon...I hope.

Hatch said...

Yeah for decorations! I love feeling like I am getting something done, finally! can't wait to see photo's! When the cord comes out of hiding!!!

*Liese said...

@ Jen--
WHAT?! I for sure thought your friends would do something. Now I feel as though I owe you one.