Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Adam's birthday was on Sunday and I had a whole birthday weekend planned for celebration purposes! I love birthdays. I love celebrating. I was stoked.

Birthday weekend started right when we got off work. We hung out and he opened a gift (2 shirts). Then we went to Cabella's. We are both wary shoppers...Adam picked some stuff he wanted but is going to buy them online (good thing too...much cheaper. Then we went to Hoppers (way good!) with K-Walk. It was way fun. We lingered and hung out and then headed back to EM.

On Saturday we slept in. I was going to take AK out to breakfast but we had big plans for dinner so we rationed our intake. Adam opened another gift (cylcing gloves). We stopped at his mom's bank and did some banking for 2 hours...changing accounts and beneficiaries...regrouping pretty much. Then we went to my parents' house. They gave Adam a Happenings Book. He was thrilled...still is. He has wanted one for a while. We are freaks. Adam wanted to swim but time didn't permit. We had some Jamba Juice and went to America First so I could make a transfer and spend more money on AK for his birthday. America First then attempted to wreck our weekend by stealing my ATM card because they thought I was a theif because they apparently can't make a decent name change (I can't buy anything online either). After being accused of a felony and having all access to my funds taken (still don't have my debit card) and after a mild melt down...Adam convinced me that my credit card is usable (Heaven forbid...I'm terrified of debt) and we proceeded to Cache Valley.

I had plans to take Adam to the USU football game and to Maddox (best restaurant in the whole world) and then stay in Logan for the night...fate had other plans for us. A grissly wreck on the freeway (pretty sure at least one person died) added about 2 hours to our drive and we missed the game...so we ate at Maddox and had birthday ice cream at Charlies (part of our first date 5 years ago) and headed back down to EM.

Birthdays should be spent doing only what you want to do...so we didn't go to church (judge if you will...but we didn't want to go). Instead we had a lovely breakfast and opened more presents (grill & Casablanca). Adam went for a lengthy bike ride to test out his new gloves while I set up his new grill (which we can't wait to use). After some cleaning up and hanging out we went to his Mom's house to hang with his family and celebrate his birtday and his little brother's birthday. I love hanging out with family and I love love my neices and nephews. It was a great night. After tons of fun, we went back to EM and watched Casablanca. I love birthdays!

Side note: I bought some fall scented scentsy wax and it just came in and I'm jazzed for my house to smell like fall time! I love the fall!


Hatch said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!!!! Glad it was fun for you both even with stupid banks!!

*Liese said...

Happy Bithday to Adam! I texted him Sunday morning and explained we have a gift, but are too cheap to mail it. Therefore, he will just have to wait. :) I don't judge you for skipping church; I loath going on my birthday because when they announce it, everyone feels the need to say, "Happy Birthday!" And far be it from me to enjoy being the center of attention, but it's weird to have people you don't normally talk to feel obligated to say Happy Birthday like they're your BFF. I'm pretty much jealous of your Jamba Juice and may just make myself one when I get home today. That sucks about your ATM card; I didn't have that problem! Hopefully it'll be rectified soon. Maybe you and AK should take a road trip and come stay with us?! :) We can eat at In 'N Out!

*Liese said...
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Amy and Mike said...

Happy Birthday Adam. It sounds like you guys had an eventful birthday weekend. I'm sorry that you had such a headache with the bank, that would have been crazy and so frustrating. It's too bad you missed the ballgame, but at least you made it to Maddox. Mmmm I love their rolls and raspberry honey butter. Yum. What a great birthday!

Amy and Mike said...

Adam, Happy Birthday. Thanks for squeezing lemons for my mom on your birthday as well. Happening book! That is a sweet present, because it represents HUNDREDS of dollars in potential savings.

nic and hai said...

i'm judging and so is homey homer. hahhaaha.