Monday, October 12, 2009

The Found Camera Cable!

That's right, folks! I found the dang thing. My dad is a chord hoard and he had it...sweet! are some tidbits of our post-wed summer. I'll get some housey pics posted soon!

The Yuba Triathlon:

AK did the Yuba triathlon in August. I was gonna join him...then I didn't...which I'm glad for. He did so well!

AK the great, in transit from swim to bike. He was the 5th done. I wish I had the number of people still in the lake in the background (there's around 300 behind him...rad!) He looks like a superhero in his wetsuit!
And the bike...unfortunately he wrecked and had to fix his chain and start up again which set him back bit...but he still did amazingly well. What a champ!

And the run! Here AK crosses the finish line and looks like he's been beat to death with a spoon. He's so cool! I'll join him next year...I need a bike and some training first.
Babysitting fun:
We watch Adam's niece, Alvia, from time to time...we LOVE it.
She had a sleepover at our house and we did some crafts, mallow roasting, and bowling. I also learned how much having a kid would cramp my style in the morning. Lesson learned.
How many 3 year olds can hold their own ball, approach, and throw the ball all alone...probably just this one. We had the slide thingy but because we weren't using it, she wanted nothing to do with it.
What focus.
We took Lyv to Lagoon over the summer. It was so so fun! She loved it!
I adore this face...this is her "pretty face" reminds me very much of some of my classic face-pulling pics.

Another precious face...she is so dang sweet! She loved the scarier kid rides...the roller coasters and the mini-rocket. What a little champ.

The Honeymoon:
I don't remember if I'd posted pics of I just decided to post a few. This place is so amazing. I loved PEI!


Hatch said...

I love that you found the cord, yeah finally photo's. We haven't seen the homeymoon until now. Way to go Adam I could never do what he did!!

*Liese said...

I pretty much wish I could do a triathalon. I don't think my knees will EVER allow me to though. Sad. Also, I love that Adam was "beat to death by a spoon"-just like Miss Muffit's spider-that's awesome. And no. PEI has never graced the blog before today, so good job there.

Amy and Mike said...

I'm glad you can put some pictures up now. What a fun aunt and uncle you guys are. Also, Adam is the man for doing that race. I wouldn't even be able to do the marathon part of it. It sounds like he did really well. That's awesome.