Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Marriage Makes You Soft...

... and not just physically (which seems to be true for me but not Adam...darn BC). Adam was gone for 4 days to hunt deer with his dad. I missed him...a lot. I don't remember being quite this lame but it seems I am turning to least regarding Adam the great. Boy he's cool. To keep myself occupied in his absence, I finally put stuff on our bare walls. It took forever and I'm not quite done but it looks much better. I'm stoked. I'll post some pictures (I need to take some first though). In lieu of his return, I shall do this survey thingy (stollen from Aliese's blog) and talk about the coolest guy ever.

So...this is the way it works, you answer as though you were your significant other. They can correct your answers if needed.

Here are my answers from AK's POV:

1. Where am I from? I grew up in Nephi and moved to WJ in 7th grade.
2. Who are my siblings? Kellen (Lindsey), Tyson, Taylor. (and Jen's sibs: Aliese (Darrin), Jacob, and Natalie. My dad's wife has 2 kids too...but they don't really count.
3. What school did I go to? Nephi Elementary, Joel P. Jensen Middle School, West Jordan High School, SLCC, USU, UofU ~there may have been more than one elementary school, I forget~
4. What pet(s) did I have? A dog named Amber, then a dog named Trixie, and whatever Taylor was adopting at the time.
5. When is my birthday? September 27th

1. What's my favorite food? Mexican food or Greek food mostly. Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies is my favorite treat.
2. What's my favorite book? I read A LOT...maybe The River Runs Through It, Heart of Darkness, or Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainence. ~I really should know this...I do know what he is currently reading...he's reading two books, one is yellow and has a long title which I forgot...the other is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (precious)~
3. What's my favorite movie? Braveheart, Cassablanca, Indiana Jones (all)
4. Who was my favorite girlfriend / boyfriend? Jen (duh...I married her). Before that probably Brooke ~I don't actually know if they were boyfriend/girlfriend...I just know he dug her for a spell.
5. What's my favorite song or singer? All time...CLD, maybe Elvis.
6. What's my favorite color? Green (lately)
7. What's my type (Girl/boyfriend)? Girl-next-door looking girls who are extremely confident but have a tendency to be slightly needy once you get to know them.
8. What do I like better ketchup or mayo? Neither...unless they are combined with french fries.
9. Who's my favorite actor/actress? Leonardo DiCaprio...don't judge...he's a great actor...very versatile.
10. Who is my secret celeb crush? Mandy Moore he isn't the celebrity crush sort, but I know he thinks she's pretty~ Also the girl in Karate Kid.

1. Who is my best friend? Jennifer Kay! Also my fam and Brett and Brian and Paul and Kevin maybe.
2. What celebrity/historical figure best describes me? Abraham Lincoln - he's tall and skinny and shy and a great leader and teacher and a smarty. ~he wouldn't really say this~
3. What is my best accomplishment? Marrying a rad girl and graduating college ~and being brave for going back~
4. What is my best school subject? English/Humanities & History
5. What is my best quality? Tolerance
6. What's my best attribute? My smile. ~while he has a wonderful smile, his BEST physical attribute is his inguinal ligaments which sounds dirty but isn''s that line that kind of traces the hip region...and it's hot~
7. What am I the best at? Storytelling and being a husband and son and brother
8. Who was my best friend in Kindergarten? I don't remember his name but I'm going with the kid who's mom later killed her boyfriend. ~AK: I'm right, huh?~
9. Who was my best friend in 1st year university? Brian and Melissa
10. What tree best describes me? Aspen, it's tall, knobby, unique, and can adapt well in many different environments, also, it's Jen's fav.

1. Who is my worst nemesis? The guy who used to egg my car. Also, Bruce and Pearl.
2. What is the worst thing I have ever done? It depends on one's definition of worst...maybe when my friends and I would drive around and steal people outdoor Christmas decorations ~maybe he wouldn't have wanted me to say that~
3. What's my worst quality (in my opinion)? I'm not very confrontational.
4. What is the worst food in the world (according to me)? The bean dip with hamburger and corn in it that Jen's family call chip dip...can't even look at it.
5. What is the worst possible thing ever (I can think of)? Baby rapers
6. What is the worst thing you can ethically think of? Baby raping.
7. Who is the worst person I know? Hilter, whom I don't actually know personally...or Bruce, whom I do.
8. Whats my worst habit? I'm a backseat driver when Jen's driving ~he wouldn't say this...but I's his only flaw.
9. What is my wost attribute? I have a big nose ~I LOVE his nose...he thinks it's big, I think it's's masculine and he's a man...perfect.
10. What was my worst break up? Sally

1. What am I most proud of? Me degree and wife and house and adventures.
2. What am I most ashamed of? I can't think of life with no regrets and no reason to be ashamed.
3. Where would I want to live most? In a house with Jen in a fairly chill area...maybe Cache Valley.
4. What job do I want the most? Realistically, I want to be a professor, really it'd be nice to be paid to ride my bike or box or be an astronaut.
5. What crime would I want to committ the most? Arson ~maybe?~
6. What is most valuable to me? My wife and family
7. What is the most crazy thing i have ever done? That one time at the haunted house...we'll stop there.
8. Where do I want to visit most? Greece
9. What do I want to do the most? Quit my dang job
10. What am I most skilled at? I know everything about this a skill. I'm also good at cycling/running/swimming and I'm champ at wiping off the kitchen countertops.

1. What is my biggest achievement? College grad.
2. What is my biggest feature? I have a biggish nose and a longish forehead.
3. What was my biggest failure? Ever being friends with "Biggie" ~I said this, not him, he wouldn't...I just hate her...also, he doesn't actually have any failures that I know of.
4. What was my biggest regret? I don't have any regrets (remember the part about livin life with no regrets) ~not taking Jen to the last CLD concert of all what it should be.
5. What is my biggest dream? Be a professor and live in our dream house with Jen and our 0-3 children.

1. How many people have I dated? A lot. 5-8 ish were more serious.
2. How many languages do I speak? Just English so far.
3. How many days have I gone in a row without showering? Maybe 3.
4. How many times have I picked up in a bar? Countless I don't really know but I'm pretty sure~
5. How many valentines have I spent with a special someone? Perhaps 10ish(4 with Jennifer)
6. How many countries have I visited? 4 - Mexico, Canada, China, Jamaica ~I don't know about the last one...he went on a cruise...I think he went to Jamaica...could have been more countries involved...or different ones.
7. How many states have I visited? Around 30.
8. How many people have I kissed? 10
9. How many one night stands have I had? None.
10. How many days in a row have I gone without drinking/drugs? Just 2...j/k...infinite.

1. What was my first word? Not telling ~I really do know this and I know he wouldn't tell or want me to~
2. Where was my first school? Nephi
3. What was the first sport I played? T-ball
4. Who was my first crush? ~I have no idea...probably a cute little tomboyish girl~
6. Who was my first girlfriend? ~I would guess Sally but I think that isn't right~
5. Who was my first real love? I thought I loved 2 girls before I met Jen and learned what love really Jennifer.
7. Who was my first real heartbreak? Maybe Sally.
8. Who was my first kiss? ~I have no idea...but I know who his last was!~
9. What was my first swear word? Probably in...drink a sip of soda..."ah, damn good!"
10. What was the first concert I ever saw? ~Bah! I know this, I really do! I can't think of it! I shall guess Dave Matthews though for the sake of the game.

1. What is my craziest quality? I'm randomly and spontaneously silly.
2. What's the craziest thing I have ever done? Maybe the haunted house thing? Maybe the Mexico doombuggy and Senior Frogs thing? Get married (j/k!)
3. Who's the craziest person I've ever dated? Sally or Lori ~both nut jobs in my opinion~
4. What's my craziest interest? Cycling ~it's a good hobby but so boring to watch~
5. What's the craziest fashion trend I've followed? I had a mullet as a very young lad...which was a mega trend in Nephi.

1. What part of my body do I dislike? The nose
2. What do I find annoying or irritating? Jen...really late at night ~this is sort of a joke (because really it's true) because I get super hyper at night~
3. What do I do that is annoying? Be mean to Jen when she's driving (again...backseat driver...only flaw).
4. What habits do I have? What habits don't I have...I am a man of habit...a bit OCD about things. My life is a habit.
5. What addictions do I have? I have the least addictive personality of all time...but maybe Jen.

1. What philosopher do I agree with most? ~who cares...the funny thing is he likely has one...but I certainly wouldn't know it~
2. What politician do I agree with most? None...but I like Obama pretty well.
3. What laws do I disagree with? Pot being illegal...not that I'd do it...but it's no worse than smoking cigarettes...or you have to wear a seat belt in a car but motorcyclists don't have to wear helmets ~I don't really know~
4. What religion do I agree with most? Prolly the LDS.
5. What movements do I believe in? Uhh...women's rights? the slaves ~he'd be able to answer this perfectly himself~

1. Did I ever have an affair with a married person? Just Jen...but she's married to me.
2. Did I ever have a one night stand? No
3. Did I ever committ a crime? Yes.
4. Did I ever cheat on an exam? Jen's paper...only then.
5. Did I ever steal anything? What? Yes... ~I don't know what...gum...who knows...but I'm sure he has~
6. Did I ever run from the cops? Why? No
7. Did I ever do drugs? What kind? No
8. Did I ever participate in an orgy? No...gross.
9. Did I ever jump out of a plane? Not yet.
10. Did I ever steal another mans alcohol? No...but this one is funny.

1. Do I have any allergies? Yes...bad outside stuff...plants or pollen or something.
2. Have I broken any bones? Arm. Hand.
3. Have I had any operations? Tonsils and wisdom teeth
4. Do I have any mental disorders? No
5. Do I have any physical diseases or disorders? No...but I think I am a Marfan...which I am not.


*Liese said...

So-I laughed out loud a whole dang lot whilst reading! I'll give you some highlights (not that you need them)

*the title (because it's true-having been there myself)
*The fact that dad's wife's kids "don't count"
*P&P&Z (I wanna read it badly)
*Girl in Karate Kid
*inguinal ligaments...only you...
*Kid who's mom later killed her BF
*Baby raping (not that the act is funny, but to actually READ it is pretty hilarious)
*Friends with "biggie"
*Haunted house (even though I have no idea what happened)
*the fact that you used "nut jobs" to describe exes
*"movements" being the freeing of slaves

Karyn said...

Aw, you little softy. I would attempt to do this, except that I would probably just embarass myself in front of my hubby. You're a braver man than I!

*Liese said...

Hmm...Do you realize that by Saturday it will have been a month since you last blogged? I just thought I'd point out the neglect. :)