Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Balance and Fun

It's hard to work, go to school, study, be a mom and wife, cook/clean, exercise, sleep, etc. Does anybody have any tips, because I've been treading but I'm running out of juice. I'm keeping up on all my "duties" but only just. I do everything half A***d. Which I can't stand. So give me some tips. Thanks.

On a happy note, we spent Presidents' Day weekend in St. George. It was warm and sunny. Adam ran to Tuachahn (sp?) and back. We enjoyed some lovely outdoor and indoor time. We spent time with my sister and brother in law whom we don't see much. It was a delight. And Avynlee was incredibly good. She fussed for about 5 minutes on the drive down and not at all on the drive back. She deserves a prize.

Yesterday, my good friend Holly was in town. She lives in WV and I only get to see her about twice a year. Carlye, Holly, and I rallied the babies and took some funny pictures. When Carlye posts them, I may steal them and put them on here. It was so fun to spend time with my friends and see our babies interact. Madee (Carlye's) is 6 weeks older than Avynlee and Chloe (Holly's) is 4 hours older. I'm glad to have such good friends and that they have little girls Avynlee's age. These three have no choice but to be best friends...if only they lived closer to each other.

Sorry about the lack of pictures. Soon I'll post some of Av's 3 month pictures (taken by Carlye). They are adorable.


*Aliese* said...

Ah, the joys of adulthood, eh? Not sure if this will help or not, but scheduling chores and creating a meal plan has helped us immensely. We have a "chore chart" just like the kiddie days which list the chores which should be done each day. Big, fat secret: sometimes, it STILL doesn't get done! But that's just how it is. It helps me to realize that maybe--just maybe--cleaning the guest bathroom isn't THAT important. If it doesn't get done, I deal and figure that'll be the chore I do on that particular day next week. Not sure if laundry is an issue with you, but that (and sometimes dishes) seem to be the two chores that pile up (LITERALLY) at our house. I used to have Monday be laundry day--like mom. But I would get so behind because all the folding and putting away was taking more time than it should. So we tried something new: one load each day. Granted, there are probably two-three days each week we don't put a load in, but putting a way ONE load of laundry is far more manageable (especially when we fold it on our bed while watching a sitcom) than four or five. The clothes actually get put away. If I had a bigger family, I may not do this for fear of feeling as though I was doing laundry 24/7, but that's when I'd switch back to mom's way because there'd be more hands to help with the folding and putting away.

Also, having a meal menu is great. We've slacked a bit as of late which is to be expected under the circumstances, but we try really hard (and rocked it for quite awhile before) by planning our meal around our Bountiful Basket on Saturday morning, going to the grocery store Saturday afternoon/Monday afternoon--whichever worked best for our schedules--and then actually following through on the plan. We're realistic with the meal plan though. Example: I generally cook Monday-Wednesday, we usually eat leftovers on Thursday, go out Friday or Saturday, and cook Sunday. We'd also be sure to plan something a bit easier for Mondays because that's my late day at school and I don't get home much earlier than Darrin. Now, it's more like I cook twice a week, Darrin cooks twice a week, and we go out twice a week. But we alter things as needed for scheduling. Oh, and when Darrin cooks, we use the term loosely. That means we could be eating mac & cheese, Pasta Roni, frozen pizza--anything that he's comfortable with "cooking", but it definitely frees up my time and energy. Something I'm totally grateful for, even if it's not the most healthy. Even though it's not Food Network-worthy, I totally appreciate it.

As for school, I'm probably no help there. However, I will say that if Plan C works out, we'd be more than happy to watch Lil' Avs two or three nights a week while you go to class/get homework done/go to the gym/run errands/etc.

Amy and Mike said...

I guess I don't have any great advice for you since I have never been in your position. I honestly just think you are amazing for trying to do all that you are. It's hard enough just doing the mom thing. I'm sure you are doing an amazing job. Mike has to constantly remind me to prioritize and do the most important things first. I guess the hard thing is deciding what is the most important. Obviously family comes first, but after that it is a difficult balancing act. Good Luck! Can't wait for some cute pics of your kiddo.

N Luthi said...

I wish I could say it will get easier as she gets older. And in some cases it will (until the next one comes along at least!) but you will manage well Jen!! And I am sure knowing you that you will thrive!! Just take time everyday to do something you would be proud to look back at!