Monday, May 3, 2010

BIG week

I have pretty big week ahead of me. It'll go a little like this:

The big week started last Saturday really. Adam watched a huge boxing match with his family. I hung out with some of my besties. Not a bad night, really.

Monday (today)
I have my last final exam tonight. Have I studied? No. It's still noteworthy though.

I'll be spending the morning of my 24th birthday presenting my final project. You may be thinking, "final on your birthday, bleh!" ...and you'd be right. But it is kind of a nice little birthday gift to never have to take a final again (trying to see the glass half full). I imagine AK will buy be dinner and give me presents which will be lovely.

Glory day. I'm done! I shall relish. I work this day and have to pick up my cap and gown as well as sell back some books (and maybe each lunch with Brit...?). It'll be a great day. Then AK's mom and step dad are taking me out for my birthday (are you beginning to see a trend?).

The big G day. Thursday is my convocation. I get to sit in a crowded auditorium bored out of my mind (and force my loved ones to watch...while bored out of their minds). Then I will be handed a fake diploma and pictures will be taken in my silly getup. Then I imagine there will be some more free dinner involved.

Friday is the commencement. Not so sure I'm going. It depends entirely on if my mom makes me go or not. Regardless, it'll be sweet because me and AK are gonna spend the day together celebrating. I'm hoping this day involves a gyro...we'll see.

AK's dad is moving and we're helping (and will thus, likely, get more free food for being so nice).

Mother's day...I got my mom a great gift. She's a great lady. Hardest worker out there. I think we'll either eat with my mom or Adam's (also a great lady). Either way...more free din.

So, we'll be really happy...possible really fat...and likely with some spare dollars in our pockets. Stoked!


Amy and Mike said...

Congratulations on your graduation. That is an awesome acheivement and I'm sure it is such a relief just to be done. Happy Birthday as well. You do have a busy week.

*Aliese* said...

Free food does make everything seem much more enjoyable.

Hatch said...

Congrats on being almost done, and all the free food! I am jealous of the free food I must say!

Michelle Stocking said...

Way to go graduate. I think that is one of the best feelings in the world when you take your last final. Woohoo for you!