Monday, April 26, 2010

Ballerina Dress

We watched this little gem this weekend. Whenever we watch her we ask her what she wants to do. I've been on a sewing kick lately and asked if she wanted to make something. She wanted to make a Cinderella dress, and Aurora...and Belle...etc. I said she could pick one. So she changed directions and said she wanted a ballerina dress that was pink with purple polka dots. Lately everything is pink with purple polka dots. We went to the fabric store and let her pick some extremely sparkly (seriously there are still sparkles EVERYWHERE) fabrics. She was a little confused..."Uh, Jen, this isn't a ballerina dress pink and purple polka dots." I explained we were gonna make it together...I don't think she quite got it until it was done.

I let her cut the pink tulle herself (not the greatest idea but she would have been bored if I did the whole thing) as well as iron some creases. She also traced all the circles and thought she was running the sewing machine (I couldn't give that one to her). It turned out super cute. I wasn't so sure the polka dots would work out but they ended up being way cute.

She loved dancing in front of the big mirror in the guest room (which she thinks is her room). It belongs on the wall in the guest bathroom...we just haven't gotten around to hanging it. We also painted some wooden beads and made a necklace, played at the park, played games, and watched bits of "Ariel" (the only Disney princess movie we own...thanks to Aliese).

It was nice to get a little break from making curtains and make something a little more fun. Poor AK had to work on his paper most the day so he only joined us for painting fun and helped me attempt to de-sparkle the house. Lyv called them sprinkles and loved that they were all over the place. Now her parents can deal with all the sparkles!

TODAY is my first morning off...I don't go to the senior center anymore. I got a lot done...although our house is still a bit of a disaster (seriously, it's amazing that all you moms manage to keep your houses day and ours is a wreck). I got to do a little blogging while eating some amazing Cinnamon Life and I get to fold some laundry (I really like doing laundry). I miss the olds but it sure was awesome to have a few hours to myself.


Hatch said...

I love the ballerina dress, I need to learn to sew and make things like this for my girls or curtains for my house! I need to go get lessons from your mom! By the way I love the picture of you and adam at the top of the blog!

*Aliese* said...

Ah, glitter...The STD of craft supplies! Love it. Good job on the tutu. Pretty sure I knew "Ariel" would come in handy one of these days... LoL Even though I purchased it purely because it reminded me of our childhood bed sheets. :) Do you need some more princess movies? There are many-a-holiday where gifts are expected and I have no qualms with purchasing Disney DVDs. I need to get sewin' some window treatments for our house too...Maybe I'll do that this summer between classes and internship hours. We'll have to see.