Sunday, April 18, 2010

A whole year!

...not us, our house. We closed on our house a year ago yesterday. I can't believe we've owned and lived in this house for a whole year (okay, so we didn't move in until June, but still, it was ours). I never thought we'd buy a home in EM but we did and I'm glad we did. I love it here. And I love our house. I have been knee deep in little projects to homey it up but they have been in competition with school and AK and other priorities. Once finals are done I'll find some time to post pics of our li'l house to celebrate our one year of ownership. Hurrah!

Yesterday was great fun (besides the realization that we can be responsible adults for one whole year). We started the day with a 3 mile jaunt around EM. There are tons of awesome paths/trails around these parts. Then we got some mega Spring cleaning done. Not as fun but definitely an accomplishment. After some lovely lunch, we met up with Stumanchu and his buddies for some raucous ultimate frisbee. I love frisbee. I have been craving some frisbee fun. I am so psyched that Stuart made it happen. It was rad. I was the only girl (not often a good thing...boys don't throw to girls if they can help it) and they didn't think I was playing at first. I showed them. After some frisbee fun we mixed it up with a little kickball. Yup, kickball. When is the last time you played that? It's been a while for me. It was SO fun! After all this plus some shopping, craft time, homework, and hanging with B and M we had a long, rad, tiring day.

Seriously, I'm gonna post some great pics soon. Finals are just a week away.


Amy and Mike said...

Hey good luck with your finals. a Whole year as home owners. I can't believe you are going on a year of marriage. I swear it hasn't been that long. We're excited to see pictures. I love kickball and havne't played since Elementary school. Sounds like a ton of fun.

Michelle Stocking said...

Yikes. You've owned a home for a year. That is amazing. I'm super jealous.

The Woodwards said...

man, you guys sound like life is going great---and having fun! I miss Ultimate Frisbee and kickball that was a nightly game in college!