Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What do David O. Mackay and the Shooting Star Saloon have in common?

They both got there start in beautiful Huntsville, UT.

We have heard good things about the hamburgers at the Shooting Star Saloon. So we planned to journey on up there and given them a try last Thursday (AK had Good Friday off). Across the street from the Shooting Star was a really lovely building which I pointed out to Adam. He said, "I'm glad you like it because we're staying there tonight." Whoa! I thought we were just going to drive back home after burger fun...but no, thoughtful ol' AK planned ahead and reserved a lovely room at this historical building turned B&B. We have always been a little hesitant to do the B&B thing but it turned out to be one of the coolest things ever. We stayed in the Log Haven room. It was beautiful and they had the night sky (constellations and all) on the ceiling (sounds a little tacky but I swear it was lovely).

So...we checked in to our room (we were the only one's there...a little awkward...but really kinda nice to have to place to ourselves) and then headed over to the Shooting Star to give the Star Burger a try. We were also the only people there. I guess Huntsville isn't hopping on Thursdays. There was a giant dog head on the wall (The Beethoven kind of dog) which once belonged to a guiness book sized massive dog. It looked like a bear. Also on the wall...a shout out to David O. He was born in Hunstville so there was a plaque thing about Hunstville being the birthplace of David O. Mackay...I thought it was a little funny that it was in a bar...but I'm sure plenty o' LDS's have seen it...cuz let's face it, you can go to a bar just to enjoy a lovely burger (not booze).

When we got back to our room we watched a ridiculous kung fu movie. It was rad. We got to sleep in and the nice man brought us some lovely brecky. French toast and such. We then decided to take a drive through all the beauty that is Hunstville and visited the local monastery...it looked like Twinkies. We wanted to go in but didn't know if it would be rude...Good Friday...we don't know the rules. So we just peeked and then left.

The rest of the weekend we did our best to catch conference (no tv or radio reception at my casa...we had to go on drives to listen to it). We also played a little poker with some pool friends and more. I won! I love a good long weekend with my fella. I can never get enough time with him. Sweetest, coolest, funniest, hottest guy I've ever met.

Thanks for a great great time sir!


*Aliese* said...

Oh, I love a B&B!!! Glad you enjoyed it.

Hatch said...

Sounds like a ton of fun, I have never tried the B&B thing.

Amy and Mike said...

Sounds like a good time. I love small town burger joints. Amy and I will have to check out the Saloon sometime.
Ahhh, the days of going on spontaneous adventures. Enjoy them and take advantage of this time. Nowadays, instead of getting excited about weekend getaways, we are obsessed with grass seed sprouting or the consistency of Emma's BMs. I guess those things are exciting too.

Amy and Mike said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. Hope the burgers were good, and I'm glad your B&B was nice. Those can be fun. How nice to just get away.