Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our protectors

My second year at USU, I lived in a bungalo nicknamed the "crack house" (aptly named) with some really cool girls. And some less cool rodents. We had a bit of an infestation. It was revolting. And our horrible landlord did pretty much nothing about it for months (until one day an exterminator just showed up in my bedroom bright an early, I was still in bed and not exactly dressed for company...awesome). Ever since then, I've kind of had issues with rodents. I basically never want to see one ever again. Ever. Espcially not in my house.

Now we live in fairly rural area with quite a bit of open space around us. aka rodent breeding ground. I have had the misfortune of seeing a mouse run across the road, but luckily, I have never seen one (or any evidence of one) in my house. And I owe that to the largest cats around. There are two cats (belonging to neighbors) that roam the neighborhood and keep us all safe from mice. These cats are domestic house cats but they are massive. We see them in our yard a lot (one lives next door). And while I'm not a major cat fan, I LOVE that they are keeping our yard and house pest free. These cats are my favorites.

The other day, we met this big fella:

The picture doesn't do it justice. It is the biggest cat in the world. It has a mane! I am not convinced it's a cat. It definitely isn't domestic. It is wiley and has mad skills. It walked over the the rocks in front of our house and sat on patrol, acting like it owned the place. Our personal bobcat is seriously the size of a medium sized dog. I wish I got a closer picture. And while I might be a little scared of the biggest cat ever (and the neighborhood cats seem to be as well), I welcome him to my home and hope he sticks around. No mice for me!


Amy and Mike said...

I always though you should have got a cat for the crack house. That cat in the picture looks like it's eating good.

Brit & Kody said...

Awesome. You just made me laugh.

Rach said...

way awesome