Thursday, May 5, 2011

Twenty Five

Yesterday was my birthday. I love it when it's my bithday. It was wonderful. Twenty-five seems big. Not old. But it's big. It's a quarter century. That's gotta count for something, right?

I had a great birthday. My last final was the night before my birthday and I've been ignoring my pile of projects because I needed to focus on school and such. Now that I'm done for a second, I got cracking. I spent the morning with captain crunch, netflix, and cutting out patterns. It was a good morning. I made a few things for the nursery. And I'm ready to make more.

When Adam got home from work, he and I drove to Perry for some Maddox. We love Maddox and since our weekend is going to be too packed, we went yesterday. Worth it. Plus, I love long drives with AK. It's a chatter fest. I got to talk his ear off for almost 3 hours. He loves being trapped in car with me, I think.

He got me some great gifts. I'm most excited to go to Rent with him in June. He got me 2 tickets for my birthday. He's not such a fan of musicals but he's a good sport and knows I like them. Score. I'm living the dream...aside from the painful hips and right ribs.

The best part about birthdays is they're never limited to just one day. At least not at my house. So it'll continue to be my birthday for a few more days. I'm totally going to milk it.

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Michelle Stocking said...

Happy Birthday. 25 was fun, and now that my 26 is approaching, I'm starting to feel old, like I past a milestone of youngness. So enjoy it while it lasts. Yeah for a wonderful day.