Sunday, November 18, 2012


I still haven't gotten Av's birthday pictures.  Soon I hope.  Here's a belated Halloween though!  Avynlee LOVED Halloween this year.  We took her to get a square pumpkin and pumpkin shake a couple weeks before.  She loved them both.  She thought the little ghost flashlight was the greatest thing ever and quickly learned to turn it on and off by herself.  She also really loved wearing her costume around before and on Halloween.  We gutted and carved pumpkins.  She loved this too.  She would grab the guts in her chubby little hands and say "skishy".  We teamed up with some of AK's family and went to Gardner Village.  Avynlee petted all the animals in the petting zoo, had a hayride, and learned how fun trampolines can be in the hay maze.  We may have to get her one.  She really really loved playing and bouncing, running and falling.  It was adorable.  We also went to the annual Wilson Halloween party.

On Halloween, we got dressed up in our Neverland costumes.  Adam was Peter Pan, I was Tiger Lily, and Avs was Tinkerbell.  I made all our costumes.  I plan to make our costumes and keep them in a theme for as long as possible.  I already know what we'll be next year!

We went to Adam's work after lunch and Avynlee trick or treated up and down the cubicles.  It did not take long at all for her to catch on.  She really enjoyed it.  She got a little greedy and possessive of her newly acquired treats and she even remembered who had the suckers (the only treat she recognized) and kept going back to them for more.

After we left Adam's work, we went to Brighton High to visit my mom.  Av's trick or treated around to the ladies there and got some attention, which she loves.  Then we headed to my parents' house.  My mom makes chilli, clam chowder, and pumpkin pie every year.  After dinner we took Avynlee to some of the closer houses in the neighborhood.  My mom (who made her amazing Mary Poppins costume) and Natalie (dressed as a nurse) came with us.  I used to kind of judge the pile of adults who would accompany an infant trick or treating but now I'm a big hypocrite.  We loved seeing how excited she got.  It was so adorable.

After some Chipman fun, we headed to the Howards'.  We just missed Katie and Max (happens every time) but Lyv and Bree got there a bit after we did and we decided to do some more trick or treating.  This time we had Me, Adam, Avynlee, Mary Jo, Kim, Taylor, Bree, and Alyvia.  Two kids.  But we still went and we had fun.  Mary Jo, Kim, and Taylor only stuck around for 5 or 6 houses but Alyvia was determined to hit as many as possible so we joined them.  It was a really long day and we got way too much candy but Avynlee had so much fun.  We are so excited to do it all again next year!

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*Aliese* said...

I love the themed costumes. And I totally missed clam chowder this year...I'll need to make it soon because it's one of my favorites and oh-so-delicious!