Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentines

We never made a big deal of Valentine's Day but now that Av is a little older we tried to make it fun.  Most years we make heart shaped mini pizzas.  This year, we just ordered pizza and made heart shaped sugar cookies together.  I've been exercising and eating really healthy so born were a splurge but it was fun.  AK got me a water bottle, running socks and we are going to go to running corner to have my gait analyzed and to purchase legit running shoes.  I'm spoiled.  He knows how hard I am working to get healthy and he encourages me so much.  I just love him so much.  I am so lucky to have a guy like Adam.  I used to be a little...not even tempered and Adam is the only person I truly wanted to spend a my time with.  Now I am a lot nicer and somebody joined Adam in that camp.  If I could spend all day, everyday with those two I would be in heaven.  The nice thing is, I am halfway there.

Adam has had to put up with a lot from me and he sacrifices so much for me.  I have changed a lot since we started dating (9 1/2 years ago) and for the most part am much more agreeable but I am still really sarcastic and am terrible at making decisions.  Adam married a head strong and determined girl who was going to be a successful PA.  Then she grew up a little, life happened, she had a baby, and now nothing is more important than motherhood.  He has been such a trooper through they my phases of Jen.  Tom boy phase, girly (for me) phase, exercise obsessed phase, chubby kid phase, depresses phase, self confident phase, religious phase, inactive phase.  He stands by my crazy old side through everything and I appreciate him more than he knows.  

Adam is pretty much brilliant, he's hilarious, and he is so so nice.  His patience astounds me (maybe because I don't have much).  He is so giving  and caring and the least judgmental person around.  I think he is pretty awesome. 

My little buddy is just about the best Valentine I could ask for.  She is literally everything I dreamed she would be.  When I was pregnant, I thought about what she would be like and I wanted for her.  Nailed it!  She is beautiful, sweet, smart, witty, affectionate, and  precocious.  The only thing I passed on to her that I wish I hadn't is her eczema.  Poor girl.  Otherwise, she is pretty much hand picked perfection and I love spending all my time with her.  I love devoting myself to her health and her educations.  I love how she and I are so alike in so any ways.  I love that she loves being with me.  She is my sidekick and my shadow.  She would rather help me do dishes or fold laundry than play in her room.  When I tell her she can go play, it almost hurts her feelings, like I don't want her around, when really I just think she would be having more fun with her toys.  

This Valentine's Day, my sappy heart is full of love for my little family.  I never imagined I would have it so good.

I found some pictures from our first and second Valentine's Days together (8 and 9 years ago).  We were so young and adorable!

I got to spend today with Av and our buddy McCoy.  They were such a cute team.  Then I just have some ransoms from the past little bit of my cute little nugget.

Happy Valentine's Day to my Adam and Avynlee!

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