Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I'm 37 weeks, 4 days pregant.  Pretty much this little fella can come tomorrow or in a month.  The beauty of it is that I am not made privy to this information until the last minute.  Wonderful.

I've been cleaning my house like a crazy person lately.

Backstory: I've managed to contract pneumonia twice this pregnancy and am finally recovering from the most recent bout.  When I am that sick and this pregnant, our house (and sometimes our child, to a small degree) is a bit neglected.  It got pretty bad.  Now that I'm on the up and up I have a lot to make up for in the house keeping department.  I'm even deep cleaning...walls are getting scrubbed, floors are getting mopped.  It's pretty legit.

Don't get me wrong.  My house still isn't clean.  My three year still lives here.   The point is, I am a cleaning fool and I want some serious props for it because scrubbing the floor with this belly is no easy feat.

The other day, Adam mentioned that perhaps I am nesting.  I got a bit hopeful that I might really be nesting.   I wish that deep cleaning everything all the time was in my nature but it just isn't.  Perhaps nesting is the explanation for this sudden urge to scrub everything.  Not that "excited for my baby to come" kind of nesting but the "random burst of energy and motivation to clean everything in sight because you are literally about to go into labor soon" kind of nesting.  Pretty sure it's not the latter though. Rats.

As much as I like to think Baby Boy will evacuate my enormous body soon, it doesn't seem likely.  He's in this for the long haul just like his big sis.  My magnificent womb is just too great a place to leave before it's absolutely necessary.  It's a shame really because I'm just certain we will like each other much more once he's not in my body.

So back to the cleaning.  The real reason I am obsessed with the cleaning is because I don't know when all this baby business is going down.  It can't be planned.  I am going to leave my house for a few days, whatever condition it's in, then bring a baby home to it.  People might even be in and out of my house while I'm not there to fetch things.  People will likely show up shortly after we come home to see our little bundle and hopefully give us food. I'll be in no state to dust then.  They will pop in on a house of squalor.

Visitors aside, I'll have this tiny, vulnerable nugget who has to have stuff around him relatively sanitary whilst I am recovering from his expulsion from my body and while wonderful yet grubby three year old wreaks havoc on my home.  I certainly won't be wiping baseboards then.  I'm pretty sure I will be just scraping by while adjusting to my new brand of chaos.

And so, I clean everything on repeat like a mad the world is going to come crashing down tomorrow...because it just might.


*Aliese* said...

Hahaha!! I have to laugh because I remember how messy my house was when Melee was born. I was so livid that I had no time to clean the way I wanted to.

Jennifer Kay said...

Haha! You get a free pass I figure. My house is still a disaster. I just can't keep up with crazy Av.