Monday, January 11, 2010

The Last Decade

I've been meaning to post pics and chat about Christmas but that will have to wait. I was going to do a New Year post and discuss the big year that was 2009...but then I read my Chelsea's blog and decided to steal her already stolen idea and post the decade in review.


I was in NJHS and concert choir (teacher got canned). I joined the swim team. I got back-handed by Caryn (who thought she had it in her eh?...also she's always been a good friend and I'm sure it was deserved).


I finished my 9th grade year after having learned to loathe swimming and my coach. I started my sophomore year at WJHS. I was in musical theater (because D said I lacked confidence...something he likely grew to regret). I made Rudelich's student teacher cry. I got kicked out of Mrs. Weiler's class from time to time. I made some great new friends. This year sounds like I was a bad kid but really I was sweet as sugar.


I started working at the Gene Fullmer/WJ Outdoor Pool as a lifeguard. I made even more friends. I met the Stoddards and friends. I learned a lot about life. I started dating. I started driving. I continued to hate swimming. I started Junior year which was really difficult and time consuming.


I found the silver lining in swimming...WJ started a water polo team and I adopted a new obsession. I was named captian and learned the wonders of D-hole (my position). I tried out for and made Madrigals. I had a rad summer. I started a great senior year of high school...I took the bare minimum in legit courses and mostly just played. I was the captain of swim team (sucko!) and didn't try out for the high school musical so I could focus on swimming (why? so dumb). I had the busiest Christmas season of my life...I miss singing.


I sang and swam and played polo and spent time with some really amazing friends. Then I graduated with more things around my neck than I probably deserved. After a blissfull summer I left for USU. Moving out was liberating and I took full advantage. Made some friends...some were quickly discarded and some will be there forever. I started dating AK the great...knowing I'd one day marry the kid. I played water polo for USU and didn't do very well in school.


I started my short lived life as a music major (I maintain this is the best major fun...but not for me). I did some African dancing (I wish I could do this again). I played more polo. I had knee surgery then played less polo. I met the rad girls of the crack house. I started working at Mariposa ("It's another beautiful day at Mariposa, this is Jennifer, how may I help you..." Lame...but fun and easy. My cousin and my Grandpa died. The Grandpa dying was sad but expected. The cousin dying was tragic and very unexpected and I wish I would have known him better.


AK graduated...I was so proud! I transfered to the U and began my current major of Exercise Physiology. I started working for an ENT/oncologist. I moved back in with the parents (major difficult adjustment even though I have an amazing fam). Adam's neices were born. I think this is the year my fam went to Nauvoo.


We went to Mexico in January (I think 2007). AK started working for AO (good and bad). Aliese and Darrin got married in March. I quit Gene in June and started working at Lifetime.


Adam went to China and Michigan and I missed him. Adam proposed (yay!). My Nana passed away. I stayed at the U and took night classes at SLCC...thinking I could graduate faster.


Biggest year of our lives! Spring semester was busy with plans and school and work. We bought our house in April. We got married in the Logan temple in June and went to PEI for our honeymoon. Being married is the BEST! My car broke down on December 29th and I bought it's replacement on December 31st.


I'll graduate in May...Adam and I will both be working on some grad school stuff. Jobs might be altered a bit. Hopefully we can spend more time together and with family.


*Liese said...

Swimming sucks. However, I will admit that because of it, I looked FAB in a bikini for quite awhile.

Hatch said...

I love this idea, I need to do it but seems like when I look back I feel like I have nothing really note worthy to write!

Holls said...

So funny that our cars broke down on the same day!!!

Amy and Mike said...

Jen, Fun to catch up on the last decade of your life. What kind of car did you get? Maybe you could post a picture or something.

Holly said...

loved it...have to steal it.