Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Adam!

My handsome Adam is 28 today. He is the absolute best. Because I like him so much, his festivities lasted all weekend...and will get a reprise in 2 weeks when his dad is in town.

Friday: Olive Garden and games, Adam's favorite (it's really really not, but I like it!), with Brian and Megan. The staff people sang to him which he loathes. But we still had a ton of fun.

Saturday: Some family time then Maddox in Brigham City (3 hour round trip). We do it every birthday. It's so worth the drive. Especially since we love drives anway.

Sunday: The Howard side of Adam's family came over. We ate pizza, red cake (made by Mary red cake ever), and sugar cookies (made by me, also the best ever...recipe from my sister). It was so much fun to have his family over (all but Taylor, who's friend/roommate was the 22 yr old rock climber who fell 80 ft...way sad, Taylor was at the hospital with him). A few had never even seen our house. We're dorky and never invite people over. We just figure there's an open invitation and people will invite themselves. They rarely do.

Today, Adam's real birthday: lunch at Haagerman's then Tepanyaki for dinner with Mary Jo, Kim, Tyson (whose birthday is tomorrow), Bree, and Lyv (lots of eating out, huh?).

In honor of my best friend on his special day, here are 28 things I love about my 28 year old husband:

1. Adam is SO funny. He has a quirky clever kind of wit. He always makes me laugh.

2. Adam is really really nice. He isn't at all judgemental and he helps people out...even if he doesn't really like them so much (a rarity in Adam land).

3. Adam is a genius. Seriously. I think I'm pretty smart but Adam knows so much more about EVERYTHING than I do. He's probably in the top 5 of all time smartest people I have ever met.

4. Adam is driven and always follows through with whatever he sets his mind to.

5. Adam is patient. I am not. At all. It's amazing to me. He'll go to the fabric store with me and just stand around and give his approval of various patterns (granted, it may be half heartedly) for hours. He doesn't really get annoyed with me or with anybody (including our 4 year old neices).

6. Adam is extremely loyal. To his family, to me, his friends, his favorite sports teams, and even to his less than beloved job.

7. Adam does chores. He washes the toilets more than I do. He does the dishes about as often. He does laundry, vacuums, cleans, whatev. He doesn't just sit there while I clean our house. He helps me so so much. The only thing he doens't do is sweep...and not because he's unwilling, it's just the one chore he's not so good at.

8. Adam sacrifices a lot. He has worked at a job he doesn't like and put off his plans for grad school so I can go to grad school first (hopefully). He bought our house mostly because of how much I love it. He always gives things up for others whether it be time, money, energy. Anything really.

9. Adam doesn't baby me. He knows I am independent and capable and he respects my abilities. I don't really like being babied or pampered. He does open the occasional difficult jar for me though.
10. Adam is so attractive. He's very fit and tall and just really really hot.
11. Adam is a family man. He loves his family SO much. And I know he'll be a great dad.
12. An extension of #11...Adam is close to, and respects his mother. He treats her so well and
that's definitely been carried over into our relationship. He treats women like gold.
13. Another extension...more of #12. Adam is very chivalrous. He always opens the door. He always wants to pay (I occasionally beat him out, much to his dissatisfaction). He's just really considerate and good.
14. Adam can be sarcastic. While Adam is a purely kind person, he can be sarcastic and participate in a bit of mockery with me. I really needed a guy who had a bit of an edge. He has one. And I love it.
15. Adam believes in me. He thinks I'm talented and believes that I'll get into grad school and one day be a PA like I want to be. He praises me when I need it and encourages me.
16. Adam does things I like. I do things he likes. We trade. He'll watch crappy girl movies or play sing star for hours. And when I do things he likes, he acknowledges that I may not like them so much and is super nice.
17. Adam gets along with my family. He and Aliese maybe didn't always get along...but that was high school. Now they get along great. He and my brother are quite friendly and Adam's been kind enough to allow me to allow Jacob's giant piano to live in our house even though there is barely room for it...just so I can play the piano and Jacob can have a place to store it. Adam's really patient with Natalie and talks to her about books and such. He even gets along with my extended family...I'm beginning to think many of them prefer him over me even.
18. Adam goes slow for me. When we're hiking, biking, running, whatev. He'll just go slow and not really even mind it. I'm not so speedy but I like doing stuff so I like that he'll just wait for me because he likes being with me.
19. Adam dresses well. He is a classy guy. I never have to worry about thinking, "really, you're gonna wear that?" Really he probably thinks that about me sometimes!
20. Adam lets me do what I want. I know this might sound kind of weird but I know a lot of guys who very tightly control their wives and it makes me sad. Some aren't allowed to go to school, have a strict grocery budget, and pretty much have to ask permission to spend money or see their friends or family. I do what I want. If I issue a courtesy asker, he tells me to do what I want and that I don't have to ask him. It's pretty nice.
21. Adam is good at playing. He's so cute with our neices and nephew and he's happy to play their imaginary games. He's a really good dinosaur...he'll make noises, crawl around. It's awesome.
22. Adam is proud of me. He brags about me and doesn't gripe to his family or coworkers about me (at least I'm pretty sure he doesn't). He probably talks me up more than I deserve.
23. Adam married me in the temple. In the Logan temple at that. I know this is a big sacrifice but it merrits it's own mention. You're probably saying that getting married in the temple is not a sacrifice but a blessing. It's true. It's an amazing blessing. But when the people you are closest to aren't allowed to see you get becomes a sacrifice. A huge one. And then to ask said cared for people to drive two hours just to sit outside...HUGE sacrifice. I'll always feel really bad that many members of his family (some of my very favorite ones) couldn't be there. We waited to exchange rings until later. I know it isn't the same. But I am really grateful that Adam loved me enough to marry me in the temple rather than civily with a "one year plan" in mind. I really really appreciate it and I can't even begin to understand how hard it was for him.
24. Adam is humble. Maybe too humble. He doesn't know how amazing he is. And when he has mastered a major accomplishment he totally downplays it. He's not one to brag about himself.
25. Adam is a little shy at first. I think it's adorable. It always kind of catches me off guard because he's SO NOT SHY around people who know him.
26. Adam is tough. He's really strong. Much strong than his wirey frame suggests. And he has
amazing endurance. When he's injured (ie. broken big toe while dirtbiking) he pretty much ignores it (ie. run 16.5 miles 2 weeks later). Tough!
27. Adam is a good friend. He is always there for his friends. He'll drop anything to help and will listen and give advice like a champ. And he's extremely trustworthy.
28. Adam love me. He somehow manages to put up with the my quirks (I'll call them quirks to make them sounds endearing...but really I should probably say annoyances). I never get on his nerves. He never gets on my nerves. I am amazed that he can even stand me but he loves me so much. And I sure glad.
There are so many things I love about Adam. He's the best ever and I appreciate him so much.
Thanks for being born 28 years ago so you could marry me and be my everything!


*Aliese* said...

Happy Birthday, indeed! We texted him yesterday and informed him we have a gift, but that I'm too cheap to mail it.

Amy and Mike said...

Happy Birthday Adam!

I am so jealous of all of your fun festivities, ESPECIALLY Maddox and Tepanyaki. Yumm! Wish we had those here in Cali.