Monday, November 8, 2010

October Catch up

My October blogging is quite lacking...but October was pretty fun filled.

We were going to watch Lyv one Saturday and our sister in law, Lindsey invited us to go to the zoo. It was really fun to take all the kids and help Lindsey out a little (it would have been rough to have all three all alone). In the middle picture is Katelyn, Alyvia, and Max.
The following week, we watched Lyv again and decided to take her to the cornmaze. While we were there, we saw a rock wall and Lyv wanted to climb it. She LOVED this and had a surprisingly easy time getting up the wall. She was much faster than the 10-12 ish year old girls climbing on the other side! She is super athletic.
For my mom's birthday, I made her an atumnal birthday cake (bottom left). I thought it turned out well. I especially like the piping. I didn't have time to dust off the cornstartch to it's a bit powdery but still pretty cute.
Brittany and Kody came over the next weekend (as did, Lyv, my mom, my dad, and Natalie...full house) and wanted help making a cake for their family's fall birthdya get together. I think it's really cute and I love the 2 toned leaves and acorns.

November is already off to a roaring start and I already have a bunch of pictures to post...but that will have to wait. I hope you all had a fun Halloween! We were Jessie and Woody (no pictures) and we carved some cute pumpkins...mine was a flamingo (also no pictures). Now that we're finally feeling good again, I'll be a bit better at the posting...hopefully.


*Aliese* said...

Yeah...I still pretty much LOVE your cake(s). Good job, for sure.

Hatch said...

Your cakes are awesome!! You should teach me sometime, we should meet at grams and make one!

Brit & Kody said...

The cake baking was a success on both occasions! You forgot to mention that we decorated until 3 am :-). Kody and I are attempting a polka dot one for our neighbor's bday on friday. It should be interesting doing it all by ourselves!

Amy and Mike said...

You are so talented. You seriously can do everything! What cute cakes. It sounds like you are busy as usual.