Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas and New Years

I need to get pictures of Christmas from my mom, then I'll do another Christmas post. But I don't want to wait to long to mention how great my Christmas and New Years holidays were.

The weekend before Christmas, Adam and I went to the Kay/Taylor/Smith family Christmas party. We wore our ugly Christmas sweaters. At first, nobody got the joke and just thought we were weird. It was pretty funny. We played games and sat on Santa's lap. It was a lot of fun.

Christmas Eve is always spent with the Howard family (Adam's mom and step-dad, Kim). We always eat crab and other amazing food. We also play games and share A LOT of laughs. The Howard family is hilarious!

We went to my parents' house around 11 pm the night of Christmas Eve and chatted and played a little. Darrin and Aliese come up during Christmas break and stay with my parents and Natalie is still at home. We decided to stay there again this year because it seems like more fun to wake up Christmas morning with a bigger group rather than just the two of us. Aliese and I pulled an all nighter while the rest got a bit of sleep.

Christmas morning was spent bouncing back and forth between the Chipman and Howard households. My mom made her tradtional braided cinnamon rolls in the shape of candycanes for breakfast and later made prime rib and yorkshire pudding for Christmas dinner. We had a chance to talk to my little brother on the phone. He is serving an LDS mission and we only get to speak for 40 minutes total (this is for the whole family) twice a year.

Christmas was so fun and Adam and I got some awesome gifts and tons of family time. Adam got me the accuquilt go cutter...which is basically a fabric die cutter. I got Adam remote controlled tron light cycles that drive on the walls and a down vest. There were many more great gifts but those are probably the highlights.

New Years Eve was spent at my Grandma and Granpa Freemans' house again. We go there every year. We basically ate and played games all night. We took a brief time out at midnight to celebrate and watch the ball drop. Then played more games. We didn't get home until 3:30 am. Yikes.

This past year was great. I got my bachelors degree. We celebrated our 1st anniversary. We went on some cool trips including a few rough backpacking excursions. It was an awesome year. Hopefully 2011 is even better!

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Rach said...

haha I'm so not envious of married people's christmases.. so much to juggle! sounds like fun though. :)