Thursday, March 10, 2011


Only the very lucky and most blessed women get to have amazingly sweet, compassionate, caring (and way hot and funny and cool) husbands who bring them breakfast in bed on a Thursday. It's not my birthday or our anniversary (it is my sister's...happy anniversary D&A...but I'm pretty sure Adam doesn't know this and that it's completely unrelated). It's not a special Thursday (except the breakfast in bed part...that made it special). Today is just another day.

Do you know Adam? Then you know how much he cherishes his sleep. It's hilarious. But he cut back on sleep for me. Today, I got to be reminded how awesome Adam is. This happens a lot, which is super cool. He's a lot better than everthing...and in everyway...seriously. I'm not a downer. I think I'm pretty great actually. But he's so much better! I'm lucky. I'm happy. He's a champ.

I have a lot more to say. Maybe some other time. This fella seriously deserves endless praise and prizes and glory because he's so fetching wonderful.


*Aliese* said...

Ha! Totally used luckiest of luckies in my post today. How very similar. ;)

Holls said...

You are so lucky !! So wish that my husband would do that!!! He can't be woke up not even if there was a fire in the house!!! oh well guess I have to appreicate him making me dinner on the nights I don't feel well!!

Becky said...

You are lucky! What a great husband...and what a great wife for acknowledging and loving her husband!

Michelle Stocking said...

Ohhhh. What a sweet husband. I love it. Yeah for having fun as a married couple. Yeah for Adam being amazing.