Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The past 20 weeks have gone by surprisingly fast. The 2 1/2 months of vomiting seemed to really drag on, but I can't believe I'm already halfway done being pregnant (theoretically). I'll post a picture soon.

Most of my jeans still fit but my shirts are getting pretty tight. I'm looking more pregnant than just chubby. Last Saturday, Adam and I went for our usual morning swim. Partway through my breaststroke set, I felt Baby Kay. I stopped Adam to tell him. He was excited and wanted to feel it. But it's too soon for that. So far, that's the only time I have definitely felt our baby move. It's pretty exciting.

We also spent part of the weekend working on the nursery. Our townhome is pretty big. The baby's room hasn't really gotten much use or attention. It currently houses an electric organ (think old lady's house) which my mom's friend gave us. We are planning to get rid of it. If you know anyone who wants an organ, they can have ours for free. Otherwise, it's going to the DI toot sweet. It's time to make room for baby furniture. We also were keeping our winter stuff, ski gear, and some camping stuff in Baby Kay's closet. That all got sorted out and some was sent to the basement in totes.

We are keeping a long list of baby names on a white board in our kitchen. Our favorites change in and out so fast. It's kind of unnerving. Hopefully when we meet our baby, we'll know what name to go with.

I have an ultrasound and an appointment on Thursday and I'm sure I'll have more to blog about at that point. For now, here's to hoping the next 20 weeks go by quickly and smoothly.


*Aliese* said...

Yay for halfway. Apparently we're quite different in the "names" department as my un-borns are completely named with little-to-no-room for veto.

Amy and Mike said...

I can't believe you are already halfway. Crazy. We're not too far apart. Isn't it fun finally feeling the baby move. It's exciting when "dad" can feel the baby as well. Good Luck with the rest of your time. Sounds like you are getting good and prepared.

Brit said...

Woohooo! Halfway! When will Adam be able to feel the kick?

Hatch said...

I am so excited for you and Adam. I think baby Kay is a boy.

Karyn said...

Yay! I'm super excited for you! I swear that even after Adam should be able to feel Baby, as soon as he tries, Baby will stop. It's a little game they always play ;)
I think it's a boy!