Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break

I'm a little late on blogging about what else is new.

We went to California with Brittany and Kody. It was pretty much the worst trip ever. Ok it wasn't. Luckily we have good friends because we did not have good weather. Seriously, the weather was ridiculous. But I think we did a good job making the most of it.

We stayed in Santa Barbara with Brittany's grandma for 3 days. On the last day, the weather was good enough to get out. So we checked out Solvang and the beach.

Then we drove to San Francisco where we stayed for 3 days. We drove up the coast, rather than the fast way. Bad idea for a car sick preggo. I got sick. Shocker. So we found our way back to the main freeway and took that the rest of the way.

We only got a few hours of good weather in San Francisco. This was spent in China Town. We were kinda hijacked by a guy named, Jackie Chan Number Two. He made us follow him around and told us bizzare stories. It was pretty sweet. Then we got sick of him and ditched him at a store.

We drove to the bay bridge in crazy, hard rain. We got out just long enough to get a picture, and ran back to the car. Another car load of people applauded our speed.

We went to the park and to the seven sisters which is supposed to be the street the Full House house is on. I can't guarantee that we saw it, but it's a possibility. We also got to look at Alcatraz from afar, since we couldn't go take the tour...crappy rain.

We drove home over Donner's Pass past Lake Tahoe. I-80 was closed and we had to wait a few hours. We also had to purchase snow chains. Now, we are awesome at putting them on and taking them off though. We were even offered money for our services (I didn't feel good about taking it though). While I used the restroom on the east of Lake Tahoe. The others managed to sell our chains and even made a tiny profit. We stopped in Reno to eat a whole bunch of food. Adam ate his weight in crab and prime rib at a buffet. Then we drove on. I had the misfortune of vomiting in the rain standing barefoot in mud. That was a real low point for me. The drive was about 21 hours long. We got home at 7 am. That last bit was really crappy but it was worth it to get to sleep in our own beds. Home sweet home. It was a cold, wet, driving packed trip. Frankly, it was kind of a disappointment. But luckily we were there with good sports and we managed to have a really good time in the record breaking, flood causing torrential rain that was our Spring Break.


*Aliese* said...

Sorry the trip was kind of a bust...However, Adam's hair is epic in the bridge photo. I love San Fran; I'm so glad we made it out there when Annie lived there. She was a fabulous tour guide. But I'm sure Jackie Chan Number Two was awesome as well.

hairyshoefairy said...

Hee! Jackie Chan Number Two sounds exciting. I'm sorry you had such crappy weather and barfiness besides while in SF. That's stinky.

Brit said...

:( I actually really enjoyed the trip. Sorry you thought it sucked.

Jen said...

Brit - just the weather sucked. It got in the way of a lot of the things Adam and I wanted to do. But I'm way glad we were there with you guys. You guys were way fun to hang around with through all the crappy parts and made them worth while.

Rach said...

oh man, what a bummer about the weather! But hey, it still felt good to get away, right?

Karyn said...

Lame. But at least you got away. Hey, where do you make your cute scrapbook pages? I love em. Do you print them or just use them on your blog?