Monday, November 14, 2011

Two Months

I have a bunch of unfinished posts I need to finish and publish...and I will...hopefully soon.

Today, my baby daughter is two months old. Tomorrow, I go back to work (dreading that). I am loving being this little girl's mom. She is amazing. She is so sweet and smiley. She loves to cuddle and be held close. She nestles her sweet little head in to my chest/shoulder area when I hold her. She rarely cries and when she does it's more of a quiet wimper. Avynlee loves to be held. She doesn't mind when strangers hold her but it's pretty obvious that I am her favorite with Adam a very close second. When other people have her, she looks around for us. Sometimes she sleeps through the night. Most the time she needs to wake up once to eat. She's been "talking" and smiling for about six weeks but is becoming more and more animated. She is such a happy baby. I love her cute smiles and giggles. She doesn't like applause and is afraid of the dark. She loves swimming in the bathtub; she lays on her back and kicks her little legs and splashes. We need to get her a tiny little swim suit so she can come swimming at the pool with us. She might be a little spoiled (or a lot spoiled). This little girl has us entriely wrapped around her finger and that's exactly how we like it. She is the best thing that has ever happened to us. Adam and I are both so smitten. I knew I would like being a mom but I had no idea how great it would be. I have never felt more important and I have never felt more love. She has turned me into a big wuss (an aquaintences baby passed away and I bawled and bawled, I can't even imagine losing a child). Adam and I are constantly gushing about how cute she is and we exchange picture messages all day long. Our girl is such a miracle and we are so grateful to have her in our lives.

Today, sweet baby A had her 2 month appointment. She got her shots. It was so sad. She looked as us like we had betrayed her and she cried the saddest cry. We've never heard her cry like that. It was heartbreaking. Luckily, our girl is tough, her crying was brief, and she seems to be fine now. As much as I hated seeing my tiny girl poked, I'm so glad we have modern medicine and vaccinations. I'd way rather her have shots and be a little fussy than have her get super sick. Her health means so much to me. All three of my siblings had birth defects and I was kind of a sickly kid. I am so grateful my baby daughter was born healthy and strong and has managed to stay healthy. I had emotionally prepared myself for time in the NICU due to my far from stellar genetics. But my baby daughter is so healthy and we went home a mere 30 hours after she was born.

Little Pyah pants (we call her Pyah more than we call her Avynlee...maybe we should have just named her Pyah) has the same facial features I had as a baby. I'll post pics to compare sometime. She looks just like I did...only prettier. She may have my face, but our lucky girl seems to have gotten her build from her dad. She is so tall and thin. She eats like crazy but doesn't really put on much weight. She is 24.8 inches tall and in the 99th percentile for height (the average 2 month old is just over 22 inches). She is 12.1 pounds which is in the 81st percentile (average is 10.8 pounds). Her head circumference is 15.4 inches which is in the 54th percentile.

She looks around a lot and is so alert. She watches me move around the room. She loves tummy time. She can almost roll over. She has amazing head control. She loves her bumbo chair. She intently watched Polar Express for about half an hour this morning while I showered and got ready. She can scoot herself a few inches while flailing around on her back. She likes to touch soft/fuzzy things and will continually pet/stroke things she likes the texture of. She likes to hold things and sometimes manages to put her binkie back in her mouth (we were so proud the first time, we think our girl is a funny what babies do to people).

This little girl might be one of the all time most loved babies in the entire world. She is so amazing and I am so grateful she came along and changed our lives for the better.


*Aliese* said...

She really is such a sweetie-pants. I pretty much just can't get enough of her!

Amy and Mike said...

So nice to have an update. She is such a beauty! It sounds like she is just the most perfect baby. It's amazing how much love you can automatically feel for these little ones. Hey were coming out next week. We'd love to see you guys if you are in town.

Shumway Adventures said...

Your baby girl is so cute!!

Andrea said...

She's so cute!! I love hearing your stories. What a sweet cuddle baby you have! That is the best feeling in the world (to have a sweet baby cuddling with you).