Thursday, December 8, 2011

Picture Fest

I've been working on scrapbooking my pictures of Avynlee to post...but I work and go to school and love my family so it's been put off many times. Here are some adorable pictures to hold you over.

My amazing friend, Carlye, took some adorable newborn pictures (they aren't in this post, sorry) which will be coming soon. And my talented sister, Aliese, made some birth announcements (also not in this post) which I'll post soon (and print and send out soon...geeze, biggest slacker).

Here's our girl.

One month old:
In her crib. I made the bedding. I think it's kind of adorable.

First cabin trip:

Clearly hates the bear outfit.
Looking out the big window at the amazing view.

(Her namesake is in the background)
Roasting hotdogs with momma (totally posed, I didn't really roast hotdogs with my baby)
Pretty hillside with chubby momma.
First Halloween:
I sewed some paws and a tail onto her little fleece bear outfit...and then it was quite warm and she roasted in it. First Trick or Treat. We went to a neighbor/coworker's house, and to our parents' houses.
Tubby Time:

Not terribly surprising that the offspring of Adam and Jennifer loves her some swimming. She's seriously the biggest fan. It's adorable.


My mom has the pictures of us all together. I'll get them soon perhaps.

I made her dress from the fabric my wedding dress was made out of. Her headband is made from the lace on the dress. The blanket is Belgian lace Aliese gave me which I sewed (haven't finished yet actually, hand stitching all of that is kind of a beast) on to some washable satin.

She's so pretty! I love being this baby's mom.


hairyshoefairy said...

She is so precious! I love the cabin pictures and the blanket and blessing dress are just beautiful!

Amy and Mike said...

What a cutie. I love all your sewing projects. Did you also make that denim hair bow because it is so cute as well. Wish we could have seen you guys a few weeks ago, but we had some sick kiddos. I guess when we come in the summer we could get our little ones together, they'll be crawling by then!

*Aliese* said...

I just love her!! That bath tub picture is super adorable (and one of the the only ones I haven't seen, so that's kind of a big deal). I'm very excited to cuddle her and play with her lots and lots and lots in just a couple of weeks. Also, I had a bad dream last night. Seriously. Like the ones you wake up super upset over with a pounding heart, etc. Yeah, the only thing remotely frightening was that I was holdin' littls Avs and she morphed into "Ugly Baby." Kinda freaked me out.

Hatch said...

She is the cutest thing ever! I am in awe of your mad sewing skills. Why do I buy my girls dresses, for there special things ,when I have a cousin that can sew like that! I swear I need a weekend when I can come visit and have Aliese visit and you two can show me how to scrapbook online and sew or whatever other crafty things you are willing to pass on! Oh and lots of cudle time with Avynlee!

Manda said...

Oh Jen she is so CUTE! I love her happy face!!!! And her bedding is FAB!

Shumway Adventures said...

I love her Jen!!! She is so cute!